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Can organic mattresses make a difference in terms of overall health and well-being?

The chemicals used in commercial bedding may pose a health risk as time goes by. Organic mattresses are better for the environment than conventional ones since they are made from natural materials.

Is it enough, though? Can you tell the difference between organic and traditional mattresses regarding comfort? Check out the following Naturepedic Chorus organic mattress review if you want to learn more about the benefits of using organic mattresses.

Naturepedic Chorus Mattress – Benefits

This low-cost organic mattress has a universal cushion-firm feel and provides comfort and support for most sleepers in two sizes. Naturepedic does not make flippable mattresses

The micro-coils are located directly beneath the quilted cover, and above the woolen batting. The Chorus mattress is highly supportive and comfortable to sleep on. 

Conventional cotton is a less healthy alternative to synthetic fabrics and foams than organic cotton, the purest kind. For filling its mattresses, Naturepedic organic mattress exclusively uses organic cotton grown and certified in the United States, which it acquires directly from USDA-approved sources. As a result, the product has enhanced purity and organic dependability. The fabric is pleasant to the touch and easily conforms to your body shape.

Organic Wool Batting

Natural organic wool is used to keep you dry and cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Wool functions as a natural fire retardant and helps regulate your body temperature. In addition to its inherent springiness, it has a natural crimp that lends its body and gentle support features. The plant’s complex physio-chemical structure, which one cannot recreate mechanically, is responsible for many benefits. Toxic chemicals are eliminated from the wool production process using organic wool certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard.

Comfort Layer of PLA

The PLA comfort layer increases the quilt’s performance and moisture-wicking characteristics by increasing its resilience. You can rest easy knowing that the PLA is moisture-resistant and made from non-GMO sugarcane. When PLA is made, it does not release any toxic compounds into the environment. There are several biological and food packaging uses for it.

One may achieve a more restful night’s sleep because of their capacity to encourage airflow and heat loss. Using high-density micro-coils relieves not only pressure points but also resists body impressions. The proprietary construction procedure completely avoids the use of glues and adhesives.

8″ Encased Coils Breath

Coils are individually wrapped in the chorus so that they may give comprehensive body-shaping assistance. Motion isolation ensures the action is isolated while providing balanced support for the best posture and alignment. Compared to memory foam and all-latex mattresses, it gives the appropriate bounce while delivering excellent breathability and heat dissipation. Due to these coils, the mattress also has adequate edge support and maximum sleep area extended up to the edges.

Organic Cotton Batting

Below the 8″ coils is another layer of organic cotton batting. Finally, we finish with this layer of cotton batting. Again, the main purpose of this layer is to give the coils above something to respond to.

Proper Fire Safety

Naturepedic mattresses meet or exceed all federal and state flammability criteria because of their innovative natural design and advanced manufacturing techniques. None of the products and procedures includes polyurethane foam.

The feel of the Naturepedic Chorus Mattress

Naturepedic Chorus is quite firm. On a firmness scale, Chorus is a 7 out of ten, which is good for stomach sleepers who enjoy ultra-firm structures that elevate the hips off the mattress. It may also be suitable for back sleepers to maintain a neutral spine from the shoulders to the lower back. However, side sleepers may find the bed a little too firm.

The Naturepedic Chorus is an excellent organic mattress with solid support for most sleepers.

The Naturepedic Chorus is comfortable in support for back sleepers of normal weight. The quilted blanket provides good lumbar support and aligns the hips with the shoulders.

It’s not so comfortable for side sleepers, though. With little foam, there is little room for shoulders or hips to sink into for pressure reduction.

For stomach sleepers, it is a fantastic mattress. As stomach sleepers need firmer beds that align the spine, the Chorus fits the bill well.

So, for stomach and back sleepers, Chorus is perfect.

Motion Isolation

Though individually wrapped, the motion isolation mostly depends on the double coils greater than that of a memory foam mattress. 

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee & A 10-Year Warranty

If you are dissatisfied with the mattress, the company will accept it back for a full refund (applies only to orders placed directly with Naturepedic). There will be a break-in period during which it will not be returned so the customer can get a good feel for it.
Chorus has a ten-year limited warranty, which is reasonable given the mattress’s double layers of individually wrapped coils.

Since its inception, Naturepedic has been a leading manufacturer of chemical-free and eco-friendly mattresses. Today, the firm is the world’s leading organic mattresses and bedding manufacturer.

Naturepedic mattresses are designed to be free of harmful chemicals and are constructed of organic materials. For adults, children, and babies, beds, and bedding come in a wide range of sizes and mattress types, including innerspring, hybrid, and latex mattresses.

The cost of a Naturepedic mattress is affected by its size, type, and selection. The high-quality materials used in manufacturing Naturepedic mattresses and those of other organic manufacturers are significant in their high prices.


Is Naturepedic comfortable?

Comfortable is a subjective term. It is a medium-firm mattress that is comfortable for stomach and back sleepers. Not much comfortable for side sleepers, though.

Does a Naturepedic mattress need a box spring?

No, it doesn’t need a box spring and can be used on regular slats beds.

How much does a Naturepedic mattress weigh?

The Naturepedic Chorus Queen Mattress weighs 91 pounds.

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