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A regular sleep routine is nearly as vital to our health as a healthy diet. If you don’t get adequate sleep, it can result in health problems. This is a proven fact. We all know that the best rest can only be attained with a comfy mattress. What do you think of The Naturepedic Serenade? Check out

What Is The Naturepedic Serenade Mattress?

Naturepedic mattresses are all-natural organic mattresses that combine the buoyancy and durability of latex with the motion-simplification of pocket coils to give you a smooth, comfortable sleep.

Please read our complete Serenade mattress review to determine how it fared in our mattress tests and to discover the ideal person for whom this mattress is perfect.

The Naturepedic Serenade Organic Mattress offers the perfect contoured comfort and a timeless design that will appeal to all sleepers. Made with a comfortable mattress of natural latex and sturdy coils encased in a supportive cover, the Naturepedic Serenade Organic

The bed comes in two different levels of firmness to allow you to pick the right amount of support.

It is free of harmful chemicals. The Serenade Organic Mattress provides an uninhibited night’s rest to ensure you are rejuvenated and at peace every morning.

Its natural design removes the requirement for flame retardants while complying with all federal standards for flammability. With the Naturepedic Serenade Organic Mattress, you’ll be asleep within minutes.

Why Should You Use the Serenade Organic Mattress?

The Serenade mattress is a unique combination of softness and firmness. The layer of natural latex foam gives firm and comfortable ease to the body of any sleeper. It relieves discomfort in the hip, back joints, and back.

In addition to the convenience, the layer of coils encased in a blanket provides the necessary support and firmness for optimal sleep. We can be grateful to latex for this mix, with a foam that blends the best polyfoam and memory foam characteristics. It is soft yet firm. It is comfortable and relaxing.

Organic Serenade Mattress by Naturepedic
Naturepedic Serenade Mattress: More Comfortable But Worth It? 8

This mattress is all you need, so your body and mind will be thankful for resting your tired bones on this beautiful one.

Features of the Naturepedic Serenade

The Naturepedic Serenade has a hybrid design that combines organic latex to provide pressure relief and the coil’s encased support, gently forming your body. Let’s look at the features of the serenade and the materials it’s made of.

Organic Wool Batting

Organic Serenade Mattress by Naturepedic
Naturepedic Serenade Mattress: More Comfortable But Worth It? 9

Wool keeps moisture out, provides natural fire protection, and helps regulate temperature, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Natural crimping creates bounce, body, and soft support characteristics. Naturepedic’s organic certifications also guarantee the health of sheep, well-treated animals, and the absence of harmful chemicals in wool processing.

100% organic cotton fabric + filling

Pure organic cotton is the most natural type of cotton. It is a more natural alternative to foams and synthetic fabrics. Naturepedic uses only U.S.-produced and organically certified cotton for fillings for mattresses and purchases it directly from USDA-certified suppliers. You’ll also appreciate our luxurious stretch knit fabric. They’re soft and can easily stretch to fit the body.

Organic Serenade Mattress by Naturepedic
Naturepedic Serenade Mattress: More Comfortable But Worth It? 10

Organic Latex

Organic Serenade Mattress by Naturepedic
Naturepedic Serenade Mattress: More Comfortable But Worth It? 11

Latex is renowned for its supple pressure-point relief properties. It’s also made from rubber tree sap! In contrast to synthetic and even natural blends, our latex is approved by GOTS to be used in certified organic mattresses. It’s also obtained from trusted suppliers.

PLA Layer

PLA is a high-performance synthetic fiber derived from sugarcane that is non-GMO and provides the ability to withstand stress and improve moisture drainage for better sleep. People use PLA in various industries, including medical and food packaging, because it is made from plants and doesn’t have harmful chemicals.

Organic Serenade Mattress by Naturepedic
Naturepedic Serenade Mattress: More Comfortable But Worth It? 12

Motion Reduction

Organic Serenade Mattress by Naturepedic
Naturepedic Serenade Mattress: More Comfortable But Worth It? 13

If a light sleeper shares a bed with a sleepy one, the situation could be challenging. This is why isolation from motion is crucial. If a mattress has sound motion isolation, waking up in the middle of the night to dance a cute little jig on the bed and not disturb your sleeping partner is possible.

The Naturepedic Organic Serenade Mattress has adequate motion isolation. It can significantly lessen the amount of motion you feel against the mattress. Still, it doesn’t contain memory foam; it’s not the best. It’s impossible to dance on the mattress without disturbing the sleeping partner. However, you’ll be able to get up at the end of the evening to dance on the floor near your bed if you’d like. That’s not too bad.

Delivery and Set-Up

Naturepedic Serenade mattresses are wrapped, compressed, and shipped as a box. Delivery is only available to the contiguous states of the U.S. (so there is no delivery for Alaska and Hawaii).

Organic Serenade Mattress by Naturepedic
Naturepedic Serenade Mattress: More Comfortable But Worth It? 14

However, the delivery fee is not charged. Mattresses are produced and delivered to the client’s address within 3 to 5 working days. Unfortunately, delivery with white gloves and removing old mattresses is impossible.


The odour of new products is usually determined by the materials used in their manufacturing. This is known as “off-gassing,” and most mattresses have it.

The only issue is when the smell is too strong or takes too long to disappear. The serenade’s off-gassing is average. The scent is light and will disappear in a couple of days.

However, suppose you’re particularly sensitive to smells. In that case, we suggest letting your mattress breathe in a well-ventilated space or using a mattress protector to block the smell.


The Serenade mattress was made from latex foam, which is known to be highly airtight. In addition, the mattress is designed to ensure that sleepers do not sink deeply into the bed. This prevents the mattress from ever absorbing heat. So if you don’t plan to use this mattress in the sauna, you can rest comfortably and coolly on the serenade at night.

The comfort layer is composed of latex. Latex mattresses tend to be comfortable yet firm. I thought the same thing until I discovered that beds made of a latex feel soft upon first contact.

However, they become firmer when your body sinks into them for maximum support. This is what makes latex mattresses perfect for those suffering from musculoskeletal issues. It aids in

Relieving back pain offers benefits such as improved air circulation and long-term effects. There are two kinds of latex used: Dunlop and Talalay. Talalay is light and airy, while Dunlop is hard and dense.

Apart from natural latex, 100% organic cotton and wool are the other primary substances used. The wool is chemical-free, hypoallergenic, and resistant to bacteria and dust mites. In addition, the fabric is an excellent source of convenience and is hypoallergenic. Thus, the serenade is not just a superb sleeping condition for those who sleep but can also help keep them healthy.

The last major part of the mattress is an enclosed coil structure inside the support layer.

The enclosed coil system includes individually wrapped coils that provide an even distribution of support by distancing weight and movement. The rings also give breathing space to prevent heat from gathering in the middle of the mattress.

Overall, the experience is excellent. We at Wikirelax recommend this mattress because Naturepedic has created a fantastic bed of high-quality materials that will please the most discerning sleepers.


Is a Naturepedic mattress worth it?

Naturepedic manufactures high-quality mattresses, which are also comparatively expensive. If comfort is your top priority, then these mattresses are worth it.

What is the healthiest type of mattress?

Latex foam mattresses are ideal for respiratory, skin, and overall health. Being natural and long-lasting, these are also a great choice for the environment.

What is cushion firm Naturepedic?

A cushion-firm mattress offers strong support, pressure point relief, and a softer surface.

What is an organic cotton mattress?

Organic cotton is pesticide-free, dye-free, bleach-free, hypoallergenic, and made without harsh chemicals.

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