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If you are staying in an apartment and are looking for a budget-friendly and versatile bedding option for your guests, a folding mattress is a perfect choice. People staying in small or medium-sized apartments love to buy six inch folding mattresses.

I purchased a comfortable and convenient folding mattress in twin size for my guest room to ensure a cozy and versatile sleeping option for visitors. This is because it can be folded and stored easily after use. The tri-fold design is more convenient to store and transport while providing comfort for guests.

A small flat often lacks the storage extra space required to provide guests lodging; thus, a foldable mattress can be a lifesaver for them. You can also use them for your daily activities like Yoga, a makeshift playing area for your toddler, etc.  In addition, if you love to travel, this is a perfect companion as these mattresses are highly compact and portable.

Is 6 inch mattress enough?

Though a tri fold mattress is available in various thicknesses, they typically range from 3 to 6 inches in thickness. If you’re looking for a camping mattress in compact 1-2 person tents, 4 inches is an ideal thickness. However, consider opting for a 6-inch thick folding mattress with memory foam for the utmost comfort.

Some of the features of folding mattresses are:

  • Surprisingly comfortable
  • The best air mattresses
  • Supporting for hips and shoulders
  • Convenient option to host overnight guests.

That’s why we have curated a list of 7 of the best six inch foldable mattresses you can order directly from the link given after looking at each mattress’s specifications. So, look at all the top folding mattress brands and select the right one for you!

Comparison Table – Six Inch Folding Mattresses

MattressFirmnessPrice($)SizesRatingSpecial Feature
Molblly Folding  Medium$ 169Queen, Twin(XL, New, Small) Full 4.4Skin-friendly Fabric
Heyward Luxury  Firm$ 199Queen, Twin xl, Full4.6Bi-Layered
S SECRETLAND  Firm$ 153.99Queen, Twin(Narrow, XL, Small), Full4.5Highly Supportive
Inofia   Medium$ 249Queen, Twin, Single, Cot, Full4.5Fiberglass Free
Jamdok Tri Folding  Medium$ 309Queen, Full, Twin XL5.0Breathable
IYEE NATURE  Firm$ 149Queen, Twin XL, Full, Single, Twin, Cot4.5Bi-Layered
SAMAY Waterproof  Plush$ 134Single3.5Washable Cover

Quick Review- The 7 Best six inches foldable mattresses! 

Do you often have to change your apartment? Having a foldable mattress can be a lifesaver in such times. We have compiled a list of the top 7 best foldable mattresses with six inch thicknesses so you can choose the finest one before making a hasty purchase. Most companies have these in multiple sizes starting with a tri fold queen mattress 6 inches though a folding mattress king size is less popular.

1.      Molblly Folding Mattress, Six inch Memory Foam Tri Folding Mattress

The first top foldable mattress in our collection is Molblly which is super comfortable for several purposes.

  • Return Policy- 30 Day money back
  • Value for money for a comfy sleep
  • Perfect Manoeuvrability
  • Suitable for: Guest bed, Camping Mat, Play mat, and Sofa

The Molblly 6 inch tri fold mattress combines comfort with 1-inch memory foam and 5 inches of supportive high-density foam for quality sleep. The supporting foam will keep the mattress from collapsing. Therefore, your body will get adequate support with a medium-firm feel.

Infused with skin-friendly cooling-gel memory foam keeps you cool and reduces your body pressure all night. This is an ideal solution for accommodating your guests at night. Unfold the foam bed on the floor and get a comfortable night’s sleep even when you are out camping.

The mattress has a 10-year limited warranty for manufacturing defects or durability. Allow the bare foam to bounce properly in a ventilated area.

2.      Heyward Luxury Six Inch Memory Foam Trifold Mattress 

This mattress comprises washable Bamboo Jacquard Ventilated Material for a beautiful sleep base.

  • Certified- CertiPUR US for performance
  • Comfortable Sleep Quality with Plush Top
  • Value for money for a comfy sleep
  • Suitable for: Camper or Adventurer, a Guest Room, Cabin, Airbnb, Vacation Home, or Tent

This Luxury mattress is to provide exceptional support from head to toe. It is the Key to an Outstanding Night’s Sleep by Heyward. Made With BY24 Materials, designed to build up a durable, super-comfortable sleep space anywhere. 

Aids pain relief to the most sensitive areas of your body, including the back and neck. Made of premium quality to support your whole body without losing shape. Extra-Firmness supports every curve of your body. Sleepers will be comfortable with the ventilated cover that disperses moisture and heat.

Zipped outer cover for speedy cleaning, or to minimize dust, you can wipe the foam with a damp cloth. Takes less space to store, still before making an order measure your storage space.

3.      S SECRET LAND Folding, Six inch Tri-fold Memory Foam Mattress

This folding mattress has a premium washable cover at the top and non-slip fabric at the bottom to prevent movement.

  • Trial Period- 30 hassle-free nights
  • Warranty- Full 10-year warranty of quality
  • Multifunctional Folding Mattress
  • Suitable for: Guest Bed and camping

The S SECRETLAND is convenient for a moveable bed with memory foam comfort. You can freely change it between your sofa and bed; the best thing is that it allows you to rest comfortably wherever you set up.

Designed with double layers with 1″ Gel Memory foam to absorb pressure from your body; and 5″ high-density foam for more body support.

Before coming to your home, the mattress has undergone thousands of laboratory pressure tests for better improvement.

4.      Inofia Six Inch Folding, Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress

The relaxing Six Inch Inofia foldable mattress has an ultra-soft bamboo cover with non-slip bottoms and breathable mesh sides to offer a fantastic night’s sleep.

  • Trial Period- 100 nights for trying a mattress.
  • Warranty- Full 10-year warranty of quality
  • Easily transported in a compressed form
  • Suitable for: Overnight Beds, Family Reunion, RV Travel, and Camping Trips

The Inofia boasts a compact and convenient design, and excellent support, that makes it the great choice to fulfil all your sleep needs.

The mattress has a removable cover, a non-slip bottom, a jacquard ultra-soft bamboo fiber surface, and breathable grey mesh sides. The foam layer is crafted from a 1.5-inch memory foam and a 4.5-inch supportive foam base to provide outstanding relief and smoothness.

Its innovative tri-fold design makes it an ideal solution for those short on space. Plus, it is a handy sleeping solution while on the go.

After a safe delivery at your door, please leave it in a warm and well-ventilated area for at least 72 hours to expand.

5.      Jamdok Six Inch Tri Folding Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress 

This fantastic 6 inch folding mattress features a hybrid design for amazing comfort on any hard surface or floor.

  • CERTIPUR-US Certified
  • Comes with a storage bag with wheels for easy storage
  • Pressure and pain reliever with supportive foaming base
  • Suitable for: Guest sleeping beds, Camping Trips, SUV trips

Bringing a Jamdok six inch tri-folding mattress to your home is a comfort like never before. With amazing comfort, the extra-thick rollaway mattress suits any hard surface or floor. More breathable gel-infused memory foam and mesh sides maintain a cooler temperature to keep your body from overheating.

The parts are so neatly designed that they do not feel like there’s a gap. Leave the foam flatly in a well-ventilated area for 48-72 hours before first use for a splendid experience. The mattress is manufactured with 2-inch Gel-Infused memory foam at the top and a 4-inch supportive foam base. It is snug for both side and back sleepers.

6.      IYEE NATURE Six Inch Tri Folding Mattress

The medium firmness of the IYEE six inch foldable versatile mattress meets most peoples’ preferred level of inflexibility.

  • Return Policy- 30-day money-back return policy.
  • Warranty- Full 10-year warranty of excellence
  • Comes with an easily removable washable mattress cover.
  • Suitable for: Tent, Car, Practising Yoga, Camping, and Mobile Home

The Iyee Nature Folding Mattress allows you to enjoy an excellent night’s sleep wherever you go with all comfort and support.

It provides medium firmness with 1″ gel memory foam and 5″ high-density support foam. The mattress surface cover features a skin-friendly and breathable fabric, and the bottom is made of a non-slip fabric to prevent it from moving.

7.      SAMAY Six Inch Tri Folding Foam Mattress

The Samay mattress comes with a waterproof mattress protector and washable cover.

  • Provides the Plush item firmness for comfy nights.
  • The product is machine washable and is appropriate for the adult age range
  • Comes with an easily removable washable mattress cover.
  • Suitable for: Small apartments and tight spaces

This is one of the rare 6 inch folding mattresses with a removable waterproof liner. Easily foldable mattress and is the best for travel or storage.

The mattress gives therapeutic benefits with 25D foam to maintain consistent support of the entire body. It also spreads your body weight evenly all through the bed. Machine washable fabric and suitable for air dry

Benefits of six inch fordable mattresses!

Foldable mattresses ensure comfortable sleep for you and your family. These are useful for hosting a family celebration or get-together and suitable for people who stay in apartments. Folding mattresses are of many kinds:

  • Polyurethane Foam Mattress
  • Memory Foam Foldable Mattress
  • Latex Foam Folding Mattress
  • Orthopaedic Foldable Mattress

You can pick according to your preferences. In addition, can opt for single, king, queen, Twin, Cot, double and single sizes. Here are some of the advantages of purchasing a six inch foldable mattress for your bed.

A compact and convenient selection- The first benefit of buying a folding mattress is that it is convenient to carry because of its lightweight. You can quickly wrap them and store them wherever you want to. Plus, you can use them for multipurpose like camping, tent, car, SUV trips, etc. You can also carry them on the flight as well.

A superb preference for sleepovers and voyages- Foldable mattress is a decent solution for people who love sleepovers the most because you can fold it into a small size to fit into the car easily for sleepovers.

Cheaper than regular mattresses- Buying a foldable mattress saves you more money with a high-quality model. This is the perfect solution if you live in an apartment and shift frequently.

Highly Versatile- Have you heard of a sofa bed? The assistance of folding mattresses is that you convert them into sofa beds for guest rooms. You can use them as a safety mat during playtime, with more cushioning than other play mats.

Assembled with diverse designs- Another advantage of foldable mattresses is that they are manufactured in various designs. You can also fold some of the folding mattresses into a single or double sofa chair. This quality makes them stand out from all other types of mattresses. For instance, you can use a folding mattress as a low couch in the morning and then a bed in the evening.

Customizable surface– The best thing about the foldable mattress is its customizability. You can easily stuff something below the foldable mattress to get an even surface. This little support will help you to lessen the backache and support your sleeping posture.

Relaxing and highly supportive- Most folding mattresses are made of foam, offering a high level of soothing and support. Their thicker version provides more back support.

Easy fixation and replacement– The excellent pros to purchasing a foldable mattress for your home are that you can replace and make it repair anytime without any fears. Plus, the services take less time as mattresses are easy to wrap and unfold. Their folding property also makes it easily replaceable by online providers in case of any issues.

Concluding words of six inch folding mattresses

Overall, a 6 inch foldable mattress is worth investing in if you have limited space or are not home. It is pocket friendly, handy, comfortable, and offers flexibility. Although a foldable mattress is a compact unit still, sometimes it is crucial to measure before making a final selection. It is better to consider the dimension of your storage and the mattress before selecting the best mattress. If you plan to buy one for your trundle or convertible bed, opt for a unit that you can tuck under the bed frame to give you ample space to sleep on.

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