Naturepedic Chorus Mattress

To produce the highest quality mattress with the safest and healthiest components possible, its basic materials are well researched and pure.


This organic mattress is available in two sizes and has a cushion-firm feel with a fabric that is soft and easily moulds to your body.

Organic Wool Batting

Natural organic wool keeps you dry, cool and warm all year round. Wool is a natural flame retardant and helps regulate body heat. It eliminates toxic chemicals .

PLA Comfort Layer

The PLA comfort layer enhances the quilt's performance and moisture wicking properties. PLA is non-toxic and has many biological applications.

8" Encased Coils Breath

Individually wrapped coils help isolate motion in the chorus. These coils also support the edges and extend the maximum sleep area.

Organic Cotton Batting

More organic cotton batting lies below the 8′′ coils. This layer's main purpose is to support the coils above and absorb the pressure.

Proper Fire Safety

Naturepedic mattresses meet or exceed all federal and state flammability requirements. No polyurethane foam is used in any of the products.

Feel of the Mattress

The Naturepedic Chorus is an excellent organic mattress with solid support for most sleepers.However, side sleepers may find the bed a little too firm.

Motion Isolation

The motion isolation of this mattress is greater than that of a memory foam mattress because of the double coils, which are individually wrapped..

Thick Brush Stroke

Guarantee & Warranty

If you are dissatisfied with the mattress, the company will accept it back for a full refund. Chorus has a ten-year limited warranty.

Thick Brush Stroke