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Naturepedic has a long line of high-quality and premium mattresses that may not cut a hole in your pocket. You can get them all if you want Naturepedic latex mattresses, hybrids, or memory foam mattresses.

Since its inception in 2003, Naturepedic has offered customers all kinds of economic and luxury mattress lines. They aim to make your sleeping environment healthier and safer. There are not many companies in this category.

In this Naturepedic EOS Classic Mattress Review, we do in-depth research into all the intricate mattress details. We also look at Naturepedic Reddit Reviews to get unbiased opinions about the brand.

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Overview of Naturepedic Mattress Reviews

The Naturepedic EOS mattress brings a wide array of mattresses to your disposal, such as the luxury lines of Naturepedic Chorus and Serenade, Naturepedic Halcyon, and other EOS mattresses. The Naturepedic EOS Classic Mattress is more on the budget-friendly side.

The Naturepedic EOS Classic Mattress is affordable and can be changed to fit your comfort needs. It offers handmade craftsmanship and premium-quality organic materials. 

The Naturepedic EOS Classic Mattress is available in a split-design model that lets customers choose their firmness levels. The mattress’s quilted cover takes your comfort level to a whole new experience.

The organic cotton, PLA layer, organic latex, and strong steel coils inside the mattress make it very supportive. The 12″ mattress is ideal for all Naturepedic bed frame adjustments and ships for free in the US.

Including organic materials and a quality handcrafted design ensures that allergenic customers do not have any trouble using it. Featuring several comfort layers, you can decide which is best for you.

The price of the Naturepedic EOS Classic Mattress claims to be on the friendly side and may cost around $1799, which may not be the least. There are many things you may find below this budget.

However, considering organic materials’ benefits and product specs, the price is pretty justified. 

Naturepedic EOS Classic Mattress – Construction

The Naturepedic EOS Classic Mattress is an organic latex hybrid mattress with premium-quality materials. The mattress is made with advanced technology for superior durability.

The Naturepedic EOS Classic mattress has a quilted organic cotton cover that are GOLS and GOTS certified for a premium feel. The cotton fabric had a woollen batting layer inside to make it softer.

The mattress’s quilted cover is 1″ high and has decent breathability and temperature regulation. The organic wool can wick moisture optimally to let you sleep dry. Moreover, US-CertiPUR certification also ensures the materials are sustainable and sourced naturally.

Then comes another PLA fibre layer that is plant-based and ideal for wicking moisture. This layer brings plushness and may offer adequate pressure relief for users. 

The comfort layers of the EOS Classic mattress are customizable and come with a split option wherein users can decide their preferred firmness by just interchanging layers.

The comfort layer is the best part of the mattress in this segment. It is made of 3″ of organic cotton from the sap of rubber trees. The latex layer cradles your body and may provide you with just the level of comfort you need.

The natural and organic latex used in the mattress doesn’t have any bad chemicals for you, so it’s good for people with allergies. The breathability of the open-celled latex structure may help you sleep undisturbed.

Due to the latex properties, users can sleep comfortably during the winter and coolly during the summer. This latex and the organic cotton and wool cover allow the mattress to stay cool and dry.

The latex structure prevents you from sinking into the mattress and gives you a springy, bouncy feeling.

Last is the strong and long-lasting 8″ pocketed stainless steel coils, which not only support the mattress from edge to edge but also make it less likely to move around.

The sturdy base of the mattress helps you feel on top of the bed rather than sinking in. Moreover, the coils are encased in an organic cotton cover with a brass zipper, and that too, without chemical adhesives.

These coils are built to promote bounce and comfort and may be able to offer better spinal alignment with enhanced heat dissipation. The taller coils help with better airflow within the mattress.

The Firmness of EOS Classic

Due to its split design, the firmness level of the EOS Classic mattress can be adjusted depending on your specific preferences. The EOS mattress comes in five different options.

The five firmness options for the mattress are plush, medium soft, medium, medium-firm, and firm. The multilayer design and multiple firmness levels make the mattress a good value. 

The mattress has adequate body contouring and conforms well to your body to provide comfort. Multiple EOS mattress reviews give this bed a firmness score of 7 out of 10. 

Users may not feel stuck because they can find the right amount of pressure relief, especially if they sleep on their side or stomach. 

Product Specifications

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Dimensions- Queen: 60″W x 80″L x 12″H
  • The quilt comprises organic cotton fabric, organic wool batting, and a PLA comfort layer.
  • Organic latex 3″
  • A base layer of 8″ pocket coils
  • Organic cotton mattress cover with organic cotton filling for extra padding.
  • GOTS-certified organic wool batting, MADE-SAFE Certified, and UL/GREENGUARD Certified ensure low emissions, organic compound usage, and no toxic chemicals as per independent testing laboratory standards. 
  • PLA Comfort Layer
  • 90-day comfort exchange
  • Encasement (organic cotton fabric + organic cotton fill + solid brass zipper)


Most Naturepedic EOS mattress reviews claim the bed to be one of the best in comfort and support, with notable pros such as-

  • Organic latex
  • Better breathability
  • Split design for individualized comfort
  • Multiple firmness options.
  • Stainless Steel Coils
  • Cover zipper made of solid brass.
  • Better temperature regulation and cooling
  • Hypoallergenic and US-CertiPUR certified.
  • Organic PLA layer for extra plushness


  • Not ideal for all latex users
  • A bit on the heavier side.
  • The cover is not removable but zippable.
  • Not the best motion isolation

Naturepedic EOS Classic Motion Isolation

We looked at some online reviews of Naturepedic mattresses and found that the EOS Classic organic latex mattress isolates motion well. The organic latex layer dampens vibrations.

The strong support coils and latex layer work together to provide good contouring, conforming, and relaxation while you sleep with your partner. However, you can improve it to a certain extent, which the company would like to consider.

Naturepedic EOS Classic Temperature-Regulation

Because of the natural latex layer, users may experience excellent temperature regulation and remain cool while sleeping. Users can sleep cool during the summer and warm during the winter for better breathability.

Organic wool in the cover also helps wick moisture, thus letting you sleep dry through the night.

Naturepedic EOS Classic Trial & Warranty

Naturepedic Organic Mattress offers a splendid trial period of 90 nights with a minimum 30-day break-in period. Following that, you may want to consider changing or replacing.

The mattress comes with a 20-year warranty period, which is genuine and compelling. 

Shipping and Returns

The organic Naturepedic mattress is available for free shipping within the United States. The mattress is shipped as a bed-in-a-box delivery. However, you would have to spend more if you wanted them to set it up for you.

Users may return the bed after the minimum break-in period for free and receive a full refund on their investment, according to the Naturepedic return policy.


Naturepedic’s EOS Classic Organic mattress has many competitors, including Lucid, Ghostbed Natural, Sleep EZ, Nest Bedding Owl, and many more. Although this mattress is a bit costly, the features are worth considering. 

Customer Feedback

Out of all the many Naturepedic EOS mattress reviews we checked, 75% of users reported it as top tier, 20% said it was beyond their budget, and 5% claimed it was unsatisfactory.

However, the comfort and firmness levels are entirely up to your preferences. 

Final Thoughts

If you have an extra budget for your next mattress, consider buying this premium Naturepedic EOS Classic Organic mattress. The mattress comes with top-notch properties and may deliver tailor-made comfort levels. 

However, if you are a bit tight on your budget, this bed may be too much for your budget.

What is a Naturepedic mattress made of?

Naturepedic Mattress comprises 3-inch organic Latex and 8-inch individually encased stainless steel coils with a 1-inch quilted organic GOTS and GOLS-certified cover with a woollen lining.

What type of latex does Naturepedic use?

Naturepedic has used organic latex in this mattress.

Are Naturepedic mattresses vegan?

This particular mattress is not vegan. However, you can contact the company for wool-free vegan options.

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