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Is the bed too soft? how to fix it? Are you struggling with sleep issues due to your soft mattress? A soft mattress can fail to give you the right support and comfort. If you are wondering how to make a mattress more comfortable, try the tips below to make a soft mattress firmer and reclaim your good night’s sleep.

Make a soft mattress firmer – 10 Easy ways

1. Trial period mattress swap

If your mattress is within the trial period, you can return it for a firmer mattress for a full refund. Purchasing a mattress online is beneficial, but figuring out the firmness that suits you isn’t easy. That is why manufacturers offer trial periods that help you get to know the mattress.

Make a soft mattress firmer
How To Make A Soft Mattress Firmer? 10 Easy Ways 6

Some brands offer exchanges and free returns, while others charge a processing fee. If your mattress is not in the trial period, you can check the warranty for any coverage for sinkage or sagging. Generally, memory foam mattresses are durable but prone to sagging. The life of a memory foam mattress depends upon its composition and how much you take care of it.

2. Rotate or flip your mattress

Ideally, as a part of mattress maintenance, it should be rotated every 3 months to prevent deep sagging. It also spreads wear and tear, making your bed more supportive and comfortable. If your hybrid or memory foam mattress can be rotated, then do this, as the softness that you experience around your hips and back will be at the bottom.

3. Use a mattress topper

Mattress toppers are designed to soften the mattress as they are made from latex or memory foam. Similarly, a firm topper for a soft mattress also firms up the mattress. Latex toppers are the best option for adding firmness as their material is made from rubber tree sap, which provides a firm and responsive surface.

You can check the manufacturer’s website to get product descriptions. Adding an extra firm mattress topper is the simplest way to make a mattress firmer.

4. Buy a new base or box spring

Another option is to replace the base of your bed and add firmness. You can choose from different types of bases, amongst which the firm edge divan is the most supportive. It is designed with a rigid wooden-sided frame and heavy-duty springs.

You can also try a rigid slatted bed base that serves as a great remedy to make your mattress firmer. The box spring coils can lose their spring because of wear and tear. You can choose to replace the box spring, adding firmness and heightening your bed.

5. Put your mattress on the floor

If you have no budget for purchasing a new bed base, placing your mattress on the floor can be considered. Placing your mattress on the floor can make it instantly firmer, but the disadvantage of this approach is that it will pick up dust, bugs, and dirt on the floor.

Mattress on Floor
How To Make A Soft Mattress Firmer? 10 Easy Ways 7

To avoid this, you can put a thin rug below it for protection and clean it properly regularly to keep the germs away. Ensure your mattress fits well on the floor, as not all mattresses are suitable for direct placement. Some manufacturers state that using a mattress with a proper base is a must.

6. Replace worn-out or damaged layers

Some mattresses have many layers that are held together by a mattress cover. This makes replacing any worn-out or damaged layer easier than purchasing a new mattress. You can open the mattress and remove the damaged layer to replace it later. If you are within your warranty or sleep trial, it is better to check for some mattress companies offering extra layers or altering the firmness by charging a small fee.

7. Turn the heat down

A high room temperature makes it difficult to sleep at night and also affects the materials in the mattress, making it softer. The cheaper versions of hybrid mattresses lose stability and firmness in the foam areas. To add firmness, you can switch off the heating an hour before your bedtime. Adjusting the thermostat can add firmness due to cooler temperatures, but it is unsuitable in colder months. However, it can make a big difference to your sleep cycle.

8. Add plywood support

You can place a thin wooden slab below your mattress, but it is risky as some materials, like memory foam, need breathing space, and placing plywood against it can create a breeding ground for mold. It is not good for your health and also voids the warranty on your mattress. It is better to get the consent of your mattress manufacturer regarding using plywood. You can ask what they think about fixing the plywood and see if they can offer a better remedy.

9. Air your mattress in the sun.

Moisture can soften the mattress, which is common in houses with poor insulation, near the beach, and in humid areas. If you sweat during sleep, then it can make a mattress lose its firmness over time. So, it is best to keep your mattress out in the sun and leave it for a few hours so that the heat can draw out the moisture from it. This will make your mattress firmer and kill the bacteria, mold, and germs caused by the dampness.

10. Get a new bed frame

If your bed frame slats have been broken, weakened, or displaced, then investing in a new bed frame is a good idea. This helps to offer more support and firmness to your mattress. You can consider bed frames having solid slats that offer a supportive feel. As there is no space between the slats, it prevents sagging.

The above tips and tricks can help you turn your sagging and soft mattress into a comfortable and firm one while saving you a lot of money.

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