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When it comes to deciding what style of mattress is ideal for you, it’s understandable if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. One option is to go with a standard innerspring mattress. Another is to buy a memory foam or latex foam mattress. 

But what if you could combine the advantages of both types of mattresses? A latex hybrid mattress may be the best option if you are looking to enjoy the comfort of latex and the support of hybrid mattress coils. 

What is a Latex Hybrid Mattress?

A latex hybrid bed is a mattress that combines single or multiple latex foam layers as the top layer and a support coil system as the base or supportive layer. The top layer of latex foam should be at least 2 to 3 inches thick.

Difference Between Hybrid and Latex Mattresses

Hybrid Mattress-Pros

Better Sleep: The mattresses can help you sleep better due to superior motion isolation thanks to many latex foam layers and a solid support coil system. 

Body Contouring: The deeper foam layers of hybrid beds help unmatched body contouring depending on your body shape.

Hybrid Mattress Cons

Costly: These beds can be very expensive because they have several layers of latex foam and advanced technologies like gel infusion and custom support coils. 

Heavy: Due to multiple latex foam layers and coil structures, hybrid latex mattresses can be heavier to carry around than regular latex mattresses, which is the downside. 

Latex Mattress-Pros

Natural Materials: Since latex is sourced naturally, these products are eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. 

Organic: The GOLS and GOTS certifications make sure that the latex materials are grown, harvested, and sourced without using any of these toxic chemicals. 

latex vs Hybrid
Best Latex Hybrid Mattress-2023? If Cost is The Key Criterion 9

Durable: Latex beds are known to last for a long time, up to 12 years, if properly cared for and are value for money.

Latex Mattress-Cons

People prone to allergies may not find the mattress an ideal option and should avoid it. Instead, they may opt for synthetic alternatives.

Due to the naturally sourced process and organic nature, latex mattresses are expensive, so this might be a concerning factor. 

7 Best Latex Hybrid Mattress for You

We looked at the 7 best latex hybrid queen mattresses with a strong focus on how they are built, how firm they are, how many layers they have, how much they cost, and if they come with a trial period. We have also looked at customer reviews to ensure our review is fair and that your decisions are easy.

We have reviewed Lucid, Amore, Nest Bedding, Naturepedic, GhostBed, Sleep EZ, and Nolah Natural mattresses. Let us glance at them and explore which ones are ideal for you.


Latex Hybrid MattressMATERIALSHeightTrial NightsWarrantyPrice
Lucid Latex1.5″Gel-memory foam,1″Latex, 5.5″coils10″,10010 yrs454
Sleep EZ3″Natural, 2″Dunlop, 8″Coils14″9010 yrs1099
Amore Latex3″Dunlop, 8″ Coils12.5″ – 120 lbs10020 yrs1150
Nolah Natural3″Talalay, 8″ Coils11″120Lifetime1199
GhostBed Natural2″Talalay, 1″ Dunlop, 8″ Coils12″ –10125 yrs1397
Nest Bedding Owl3″Dunlop + 1″Comfort Latex, 6″Coils12″ – 100 lbs365Lifetime1619
Naturepedic EOS Classic3″ Organic Latex, 8″ Coils12″9020 yrs2999

Lucid Latex Hybrid Mattress

Lucid is one of the latex mattress brands that combine the comfort of gel-infused memory foam with latex foam. This 10″ mattress comes with a circular knitted TENCEL lyocell blended fabric 1″ cover for optimum softness.

The mattress has gel-infused memory foam and VOC-free latex. Encased coils provide optimal support for an adjustable bed foundation.

The mattress relieves strain and offers motion isolation for back and stomach sleepers. However, it’s not as firm as other expensive ones.

Lucid Latex Hybrid Mattress
Best Latex Hybrid Mattress-2023? If Cost is The Key Criterion 10

The layers of the mattress are made up of 1″ of latex foam and 1.5″ of gel-infused memory foam, so it is both soft and firm. The bed is great for support and pressure point relief because it has 5.5″ of encased support coils at the base. The mattress is ideal for heat dissipation and is adjustable to any bed arrangement. This mattress scores 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale and is lightweight with a 10-year limited warranty.

Sleep EZ Hybrid

The Sleep EZ is one of the best flippable latex mattresses with an economical budget and a host of features.

The mattress has numerous layers to meet your comfort needs. The non-GMO, volatile-compound-free latex is organically sourced.

Sleep EZ Hybrid 1
Best Latex Hybrid Mattress-2023? If Cost is The Key Criterion 11

Sleep EZ latex hybrid mattress cover is soft New Zealand Joma wool and organic cotton. The quilted cover is breathable and moisture-wicking.

Amore Latex Hybrid Mattress

This hybrid latex mattress is 12.5 inches thick and has layers of high-quality foam for soft support. This 100% original Dunlop latex mattress is soft and springy, but still has a good level of firmness. 

Amore Latex Hybrid Mattress
Best Latex Hybrid Mattress-2023? If Cost is The Key Criterion 12

It comes with 1″ of thermo-regulated wool batt and an organic cotton cover that is GOLS certified. For an extra $60, users can choose a fabric that is made with copper ions and has the best cooling and anti-microbial properties. The mattress is also equipped with 3″ Dunlop latex, a 2″ polyfoam layer, FusionFlex technology, and sturdy 8″ pocketed coils for superior base support. In the end, it also has an extra 1″ of high-density foam added to the base for enhanced support. 

Nolah Natural

The 11″ latex hybrid mattress comes with advanced AirFoam technology and superior Talalay latex for unmatched comfort.

Nolah Natural 11
Best Latex Hybrid Mattress-2023? If Cost is The Key Criterion 13

The mattress comes with an organic cotton and Joma wool cover, 3 inches of Talalay latex comfort layers, and an 8-inch encased HD Max Tri-Zone support system for superior support. It provides more therapeutic support, relieves pressure better, and cools the best for a mattress in this price range.

The 14″ flippable mattress cover is made of cotton and Joma wool with a dual comfort layer, 3″ of natural latex, 2″ of Dunlop latex, and 8″ of individually responsive pocketed coils. You can flip the mattress on either side for a plush or firm feel, and the wire coils are heat-treated and stress-relieving. 

GhostBed Natural

GhostBed Natural comprises two distinct natural latex types, namely the Talalay and Dunlop. The organic cotton cover of the Ghostbed Natural mattress is super-soft and has a luxurious feel to it. 

Ghostbed natural Mattress
Best Latex Hybrid Mattress-2023? If Cost is The Key Criterion 14

The mattress comes with a 1.8″ organic cotton and woolen batting cover, 2 inches of Talalay latex, 1 inch of Dunlop latex, and 8″ of pocketed coils for enhanced support. The mattress offers quite a bit of pressure relief, softness, and better comfort levels at the same time. 

Nest Bedding Owl

Nest Bedding Owl is an eco-friendly 12″ hybrid latex mattress with five different plush and comfort layers. The mattress’s fire barrier is made of hydrogenated silica.

It has 1.5″ of Eco-Flex quilted organic cotton and a Joma wool cover for bounciness.

Nest Bedding Owl
Best Latex Hybrid Mattress-2023? If Cost is The Key Criterion 15

The mattress is OKEO-TEX certified. It is made of GOLS standard Dunlop latex with a 1″ comfort latex foam layer and 6″ of reinforced caliber pocketed coils, making it durable and comfortable. An additional 1″ of support foam at the base may offer you better support and a firmer level than the standard bed.

Naturepedic EOS Classic Mattress

The Naturepedic EOS mattress claims to be a budget-friendly hybrid mattress that comes with 5 different firmness levels. The mattress is equipped with a 1″ organic cotton cover.

Naturepedic EOS Trilux Organic Mattress
Best Latex Hybrid Mattress-2023? If Cost is The Key Criterion 16

This hybrid mattress has an extra layer of PLA for comfort, a 3″ layer of organic latex for support, and an 8″ layer of pocketed coils at the base for more support. It aims at wicking moisture away, offering better breathability and superior pressure relief. It has a nice, bouncy feel, and the 12″ mattress is also decent at dampening motions across the mattress surface.


Lucid Latex Hybrid Mattress: The Lucid Latex Hybrid Mattress cover is made of circularly knit moisture-regulating TENCEL lyocell fabric for a beautifully soft texture. 

The moisture-regulating TENCEL lyocell blend cover of the mattress claims to be ideal for keeping the bed warm during the winter and cool during the summer.

Sleep EZ Hybrid: The 1″ cover is flippable, and users can flip this OKEO_TEX Standard 100 dual-comfort layer to alter between firmness and plushness. However, the cover is not removable but has a 360-degree zipper. 

The cover is made of organic cotton and New Zealand’s Joma wool for moisture-wicking and cooling properties.

Amore: The Amore latex hybrid mattress cover comes with 1″ of thermo-regulated organic wool batting that is naturally fire-resistant. For an extra $60, you can take advantage of copper-ion-infused fabric in the cover that enhances the anti-microbial and cooling properties. The GOLS-certified organic cotton infused with it is soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic. 

Nolah Natural: A Global Organic Textile Standard certified mattress cover made of organic cotton that is durable enough, has cooling properties and is extremely luxurious and soft to feel or touch.

Users can sleep comfortably on the soft GOTS-certified organic wool fibre layer of the mattress, which offers good breathability.

GhostBed Natural: The topmost mattress layer comes with 1.8 inches of organic wool that is exceptionally breathable. The breathable cover is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), and USDA-certified. 

It is also certified by Control Union Certifications, GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard), and OKEO-TEX certified for using all-natural elements.

Nest Bedding Owl: The Nest Bedding Owl Latex Hybrid Mattress Cover is natural and organic cotton incorporated with Joma wool. The 1.5-inch Eco-Flex Quilted Foam is also present in the cover, which adds to the plushness of the mattress. 

The mattress’s hydrogenated silica fire-barrier cover adds better value to the mattress.

Naturepedic EOS Classic Hybrid: The 12-inch mattress has a 1″ organic cotton cover and a PLA layer for softness and comfort. The cover is zippable and wicks moisture well. The woolen batting acts as a good fire retardant. 

Comfort Layers

Lucid Latex Hybrid Mattress: The comfort layer of the lucid latex hybrid mattress comes with 1″ of original and efficient latex foam layer for better performance. The latex foam layer helps respond to individual body weights efficiently and may offer supple support to your body.

The third layer of the mattress comes with 1.5 inches of gel-infused memory foam that is known to be resilient and highly comfortable. 

The memory foam offers a plush feeling, high breathability, better body contouring, and supports adequate motion isolation. 

Sleep EZ Hybrid: The 3″ layer of organically harvested and naturally sourced, retained certified latex for optimum comfort. Natural latex is eco-friendly and offers brilliant resilience, durability, and good temperature regulation properties. 

The next layer is 2″ thick and made with Dunlop latex for better firmness and may help absorb motion better. 

However, this 2″ latex layer is placed beneath the hybrid coils layer and can be flipped to attain a firmer feel on one side and a plush feel on the flip side.

Amore: The comfort layer of the Amore latex hybrid mattress is made of 100% natural 3″ Dunlop latex that has scientific aeration built-in and is soft with ample bounce. It dissipates body heat, thereby letting you sleep cool.

Next comes the 2″ polyfoam that helps you transition from latex into the support coils. The proprietary FusionFlex technology in the polyfoam wicks away moisture and comes with brilliant contouring properties. 

The final breathable 1″ foam base is high-density and solidly supports the mattress structure.

Nolah Natural: The natural 2″ Talalay latex comfort layer of the mattress makes sure you receive optimal comfortability for various pressure points and joints. It has 33% more capacity than conventional latex.

The 1″ Talalay latex transition layer is a great example of how well it is made to give the whole body deep, therapeutic support.

GhostBed Natural: The mattress comes with 2 inches of Talalay latex and 1 inch of Dunlop latex for optimum comfort, breathability, support, and firmness at the same time. 

It is very responsive and helps with pressure point relief; it is primarily considered one of the best latex mattresses for back sleepers. The mattress is available in two distinct variations: firm and medium.

Nest Bedding Owl: The comfort layer of the mattress is made of 3″ Dunlop latex that is OKEO-TEX certified and has cooling properties. Next comes the transition layer of 1″ US-CertiPUR-certified comfort latex foam between the latex and the pocketed coils for comfort.

Naturepedic EOS Classic Hybrid: The mattress comes with 3″ of organic latex sourced naturally and free from any harmful toxins. The comfort layer is nicely sealed with the cotton cover.

The latex used here is hypoallergenic and can easily last for a long time. Better breathability, plushness, firmness, and cooling are some of the enhanced properties of the mattress. 

Base Layers

Lucid Latex Hybrid Mattress: Lucid has 5.5″ of encased coils for maximum support for the bed and the user’s body. The steel support coils are made of stainless steel, which lasts a long time, and also, each of the support coils responds individually to tailor-made support requirements.

Sleep EZ Hybrid: The mattress comes with 8″ of Bolsa ComfortCore pocketed coils, and the base can have up to 1188 individually responsive coils. They are heat-treated and stress-relieved. 

Quantum Edge elite coils provide edge-to-edge perimeter support and dampen all types of motions.

Amore: The 8″ pocketed tempered, dual-density steel coils in the Amore latex hybrid mattress offer plenty of bounce and natural airflow inside the bed. Tempered steel is 26% more durable than tungsten or other metal coils.

Nolah Natural: The proprietary Nolah’s 8″ HDMax Tri-Zone supportive coils offer excellent support and strength. With triple support zones and 25% more support coils, the mattress provides better support and comfort than most hybrid mattresses.

GhostBed Natural: The 8-inch pocketed steel coil strengthens the base, offers a premium supportive feel with reduced motion spread, and is a highly responsive surface.

Nest Bedding Owl: The 6″ edge support reinforced pocketed coils offer precise support for the spine’s proper alignment and a suitable sleeping position. The 1-inch base foam acts as a solid foundation for the bed.

Naturepedic EOS Classic Hybrid: The mattress comes with 8″ of encased and pocketed support coils made of stainless steel. The coils offer edge-to-edge perimeter support and prevent sinkage. 

The durable support coils make the bed ideal for proper alignment of your spine and do not make any weird noises as they age.

Trial & Warranty

Lucid Hybrid: The Lucid 10″ latex hybrid mattress has a 100-night sleep trial and a 30-day break-in period. It has a 10-year limited warranty.

Sleep EZ: This mattress offers a 90-night trial period and comes with a 10-year limited warranty. 

Amore: The Amore latex hybrid mattress offers a splendid 100-night trial with a minimum 30-day break-in period. The latex hybrid mattress comes with a whopping 20-year warranty, ideal for any user.

Nolah Natural: The mattress comes with a 120-night sleep trial, a 30-day minimum break-in period, and a pretty impressive lifetime warranty. 

GhostBed Natural: Ghostbed Natural comes with a 101-night trial and a 25-year warranty. However, after the first 10 years, you may need to shave off a prorated charge of 50% of the mattress value.

Nest Bedding Owl: This mattress comes with a 365-night trial and a 10-year limited warranty. However, you can enlist in their 25-year Comfort Life programme for added perks. 

Naturepedic EOS Classic: The mattress comes with a 90-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty, but you may have to bear some upfront costs when replacing it. 

Top 3 Best Value Latex Mattresses

  1. Sleep EZ Latex Hybrid Mattress: Priced very economically, this mattress is the best value for the money. It is one of the best latex hybrid mattresses for side sleepers. You can enjoy the comfort of natural latex, Bolsa ComfortCore Coils, and a good trial and warranty program.
  2. Amore Latex Hybrid: Amore ranks second with a budget-friendly price, original Dunlop latex, added polyfoam layer, and an excellent 100-night trial program.
  3. Nolah Natural Latex Hybrid: Nolah indeed scores the third position with its friendly budget of under $1200, including Talalay latex, Dunlop latex, and durable pocketed coils. The mattress may be considered one of the best latex mattresses for stomach sleepers. 


What is a latex hybrid?

A latex hybrid mattress is one that has a latex foam top and a coil support system. Dunlop and Talalay latex are two types of natural latex derived from rubber tree sap used in a natural latex hybrid mattress.

Is a latex hybrid mattress good for side sleepers?

If the latex is slightly softer and less firm, it is ideal for side sleepers. A firmness rating of 5 on a 10-point scale will accommodate the majority of side sleepers.

Are hybrid mattresses healthy?

People who sleep on their backs or stomachs will benefit from medium-firm hybrid mattresses. Hybrid mattresses provide superior body support and are more durable due to the coils’ capacity to support more weight. Besides, they are better for edge support with lower gauge perimeter coils.

What are the benefits of latex mattresses?

Latex mattresses are one of the most durable types available. They lack the sink-in sensation associated with memory mattresses and do not sleep hot like memory foam. It is regarded as the ideal material for mattresses.

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