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With a long reputation as a comfortable innerspring mattress, the Serta brand is best known for being a perfect sleeper for all age groups. It offers a great combination of support and pressure relief. The following list has different types of Serta mattresses that you can consider for different preferences and needs.

The Perfect Sleeper by Serta Mattress

This mattress features 3 layers: a cool-feel cover, individually wrapped coils, and gel memory foam. The Hexcloud gel memory foam layer has cutouts that help relieve pressure points. It is known to provide around 40%better pressure relief than its previous version. The coil system helps to reduce motion transfer, so you will not disturb your sleeping partner with your movements.

Feel and firmness

This mattress has a balanced foam feel. The coils give it a bouncy and responsive feel. It has multiple firmness options. You can choose the firmness from the plush, medium, and extra firm. You can also add a pillow top or extra memory foam layers. Even though this mattress is made with gel memory foam, it has an innerspring feel.

Ideal for: Hot sleepers, back and stomach sleepers.

Size and price: The perfect sleeper mattress comes in twin, full, twin XL, king, California, and queen sizes. It is a fairly inexpensive mattress, but its cost can increase using pocketed coils and memory foam.

You may not like the perfect sleeper mattress if

  • You are concerned about motion isolation.
  • You are looking for slow-moving memory foam.

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The Perfect Sleeper Mattress-In-A-Box

This mattress is compressed in a box and directly shipped to your door. It is available in two different variations i.e, all-foam and hybrid versions. Both these versions have the HexCloud memory foam, the same as that on the perfect sleeper mattress. The perfect sleeper mattress-in-a-box is available in four models: perfect sleeper nestled night, perfect sleeper tranquil wave, perfect sleeper splendid slumber, and perfect sleeper renewed relief.

Feel and firmness: The all-foam has a medium-firm feel, whereas the hybrid one has a medium feel.

Ideal for: All sleeping positions.

Size and price: This mattress comes in twin, full, twin XL, king, cal king, and queen sizes. It is a great quality, budget-friendly mattress.

You may not like the perfect sleeper mattress-in-a-box if

  • You are looking for back support from a mattress.

iComfort Mattress

The iComfort mattress is designed to offer medium-firm support and keep the coolers cool. The top layer of this mattress consists of a cooling gel memory foam layer above the other foam layers. The Serta iComfort CF 4000 plush mattress has carbon fibre memory foam layers and an ultracold system to keep the body’s heat away. The air support foam helps contour the body and relieves the aches and pains created by the pressure points. The iComfort CF 2000 firm uses a combination of an advanced gel memory foam and an all-foam core. The Evercool fuze gel and carbon fibre memory foam provide neck support and strength. The gel active max memory foam promotes airflow to prevent heat while you sleep.

Feel and firmness: This mattress has a medium firmness that strikes a great balance between cushioning and support, which helps in staying cool overnight. It has a luxurious feel and is cool as it has a cooling technology infusion.

Ideal for: Hot sleepers and combination sleepers.

Size and price: The iComfort mattress has twin, twin XL, queen, king, and California king sizes.

You may not like the iComfort mattress if

  • You want a softer mattress.
  • You are on a budget.

iComfort Hybrid Mattress

The iComfort hybrid mattress consists of individually pocketed coils that improve motion isolation and support under the memory foam layers. This mattress combines gel memory foam and carbon fibre to regulate the temperature. As we know, carbon is a conductor. Hence it is used in the foam to keep the heat away. The ultracold system memory foam contains the same carbon fibre-infused foam but comes with an additional layer of phase change material.

Feel and firmness:

This mattress has a hyper-feel surface that brings a comforting and cooling feel that can help you stay cool all night. It has a medium firmness level.

Ideal for

  • Hot sleepers
  • Back sleepers are due to the carbon fibre memory foam that supports the back.

Size and price: The comfortable hybrid mattress is in twin, twin XL, king, CA king, and queen sizes. It is a little pricier compared to this brand’s other mattresses.

You may not like the iComfort hybrid mattress if

  • You are interested in an all-foam mattress.
  • You have a limited budget.

Serene Sky Mattress

The serene sky mattress features five layers, including individually wrapped coils and 4 foam layers. Their online version comprises plush pillow tops, firm and plush options with individually wrapped coils, and cool twist gel foam. The pillow and firm top option offer more high-density foam layers. The cool twist gel foam is designed to promote heat dissipation and airflow. The individually wrapped coils provide contouring and highlight BestEdge foam encasement technology that helps to extend the sleep surface and edge roll-off.

Feel and firmness: The serene sky mattress has a soft feel, but adding gel foam can give it a firmer feel.

Ideal for: Back sleepers

Size and price: You can choose from six sizes: twin, twin XL, king, CA king, queen, and full. It is an expensive mattress from Serta.

You may not like the Serene Sky mattress if

  • You do not want a super firm mattress.
  • You are not comfortable with the softness of a mattress.

EZ Tote Mattress

The EZ-Tote mattress makes use of gel memory foam and a foam core that is supportive and durable. The gel memory foam layer lets air flow over the mattress, which keeps you cool during sleep. The sheep retreat version has an additional transitional support foam layer, whereas the sheer slumber has a gel memory foam layer. It is shipped compressed in a box and offers long-lasting comfort.

Feel and firmness: The EZ-Tote mattress is medium-firm and has a true memory foam feel.

Ideal for: Hot sleepers as the cooling gel helps to provide a cool night’s sleep.

Size and price: The EZ tote mattress comes in four sizes, i.e., twin, queen, king, and full. It is an affordable mattress, so it can be the best mattress for you if you are on a budget.

You may not like the EZ tote mattress if

  • You are a side sleeper.
  • You are looking for a high range of materials in the mattress.

Serta Arctic Mattress

The Serta Arctic mattress consists of 4 layers: a layer of gel memory foam and a Reactex system that provides a heat-absorbing layer. It also features micro-coils and a proprietary cooling gel that reacts to a person’s body movement and position. These work together to provide comfort, pressure relief, and cooling. The advanced innerspring system helps to provide durable support and conform to each curve of your body. The custom-fit memory foam provides comfort all night long.

Feel and firmness: The Arctic mattress is a medium-firm mattress with a memory foam feel.

Ideal for

  • Hot sleepers as it has cooling properties.
  • Back and side sleepers as the cushioning layers help with backache and pain.

Size and price: The Arctic mattress is available in twin XL, queen, king, and California king sizes. It is expensive, so if you are working with a smaller budget, this mattress may not suit you.

You may not like the Serta Arctic mattress if

  • You want an affordable mattress.
  • You are on the heavier side.

Serta Shinola Mattress

The Serta Shinola mattress, partnered with Shinola, has an eye-catching bold stripe border signal and features two layers of Evercool fuze gel memory foam and a foam core that helps contour your body. The Evercool fuze gel memory foam helps relieve the pressure on your body, which keeps you energized throughout the day and gives you maximum sleep satisfaction.

Feel and firmness: This mattress has a soft and cool feel due to its cool cover fabric.

Ideal for: Hot sleepers due to their double layer of cooling gel.

Size and price: The Shinola mattress is available in four sizes, namely twin, king, queen, and California king. It is an expensive mattress.

You may not like the Serta Shinola mattress if

  • You are not looking for an expensive mattress.

Serta sells various mattresses for different needs, including soft and firm ones. You can use the trial period for the above mattresses for 120 nights and test them to see whether it suits your sleep needs. Each of these mattresses has a 10-year limited warranty for protection against manufacturing defects.

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