Why Should You Use?

This mattress's layer of natural latex foam provides a firm and comfy sleeping surface. It has long been used to treat hip, joint, and back pain.

Organic Wool Batting

In the winter, wool keeps you warm while in the summer it keeps you cool. It adds bounce, body, and soft support. Animal welfare and safety are guaranteed by this mattress.

Cotton fabric & filling

Organic cotton is the purest cotton. It replaces foams and synthetic fabrics. Naturepedic only uses U.S.-grown organic cotton for mattress fillings. They're soft and stretchy.

Organic Latex

Latex is known for its soft pressure-point relief and it's made of rubber sap! Unlike synthetic or natural blends, this latex is GOTS-approved for use in organic mattresses.

PLA Layer

PLA is a non-GMO synthetic fibre made from sugarcane that can withstand stress and improve moisture drainage for better sleep.

Motion Reduction

The serenade is sufficiently motion-isolating. It can significantly reduce motion transfer against the mattress. Still, it lacks memory foam and isn't the best.

Delivery and Set-Up

These mattresses are wrapped, compressed, and boxed. Delivery is limited to the contiguous states. But no delivery fee is charged.


If you are very sensitive to smells, ventilate the room where your mattress is or use a mattress protector to mask the smell.

Thick Brush Stroke


The mattress is also designed to prevent sleepers from sinking into the bed. So the mattress never absorbs heat.