7 Best Ways to Induce Sleep: Including Natural Remedies

Staying asleep at night is not only a habit for some, but it can also be a significant health issue. However, good quality sleep is essential for starting the next day afresh. There are many ways to induce sleep, like doing yoga, meditation, journaling your thoughts, reducing your daily naps, etc. Apart from these, there are other sleep-inducing ways. Let us understand the same in detail.

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1. How can I induce sleep quickly?

Sleep deprivation can have long-term effects on your body. And the quicker you adapt to a new sleep routine, the better you get to sleep quickly. There are many ways you can induce sleep quickly. They are:

Ways to Induce Sleep
  • Have a consistent sleep pattern

Try to have consistency in your sleep pattern. For instance, if your sleep time is around 10, get to bed simultaneously every day. This will help you sleep better and wake up to a bright morning.

  • Keep the room dark.

As soon as you sleep at night, switch off your bedroom lights. This circadian rhythm will help you fall asleep quickly.

  • Avoid taking too many naps during the day.

Most of us feel lethargic in the afternoon and wish to have a nap, which is good for our bodies. However, if your nap is longer than 2 hours, it can be a hurdle to a good night’s sleep. So try to nap for 30 minutes or less to get a good night’s sleep.

  • Ensure you do physical exercise during the day.

Movement of your body and indulging in physical exercise increase the frequency of sleep at night. The more your body gets movement, the more you can get a good sleep.

  • Avoid using electronic gadgets at night.

Using cell phones or laptops at night will increase the chances of having sleep problems.

  • Meditation

Anxiety and stress are the two main reasons most people tend to have sleepless nights.

2. How do I lull myself to sleep?

Apart from trying other ways to induce sleep, you can lull yourself to sleep. And there are many ways you can lull yourself to sleep. The following are some of the ways:

  • Try having herbal tea.

The best way to lull yourself to sleep is by having herbal tea before bed. This will help you calm down and make you feel sleepy. However, having tea and reading on your laptop or phone can heavy your eyes.

  • Smell the essential oils.

The aroma of essential oils will make you evoke good memories and emotions—scents like lavender, clary sage, chamomile, etc.

  • Exercise regularly.

You have to ensure that you exercise regularly to get a good night’s sleep. Doing yoga before bed is also an ideal way to induce sleep.

  • Listen to soothing music.

Listening to soothing music will help you melt away and sleep. Especially if you listen to a low-beat song, your eyes will automatically choose to close.

3. Why can not I sleep at night?

Most of the time, you feel sleepless at night, even when you feel like sleeping. And often, we tend to ignore the fact that you are unable to sleep could be for some genuine reason. Let us discuss some of the most common reasons why you are not able to sleep at night.

  • Alcohol consumption

People who consume alcohol at any time of the day can have sleep issues. The more you drink, the more the sensation of urination occurs to you. And this can cause restless sleep throughout the night.

  • Anxiety

Sleep and anxiety are interrelated. People who have problems with sleeping can have anxiety. And for people with anxiety, it can trigger sleep problems. Especially those with personality traits and anxiety have the worst sleeping issues.

  • Improper sleeping habits

Irregular sleep schedules like napping in the day for more than 2 hours or sleeping late at night can also create sleep issues. And eventually, this can affect the mental well-being of a person.

  • Temperature regulation

Regulating the temperature of your room is essential to having a non-disruptive sleep at night. Keep your room temperature at a moderate level. This will help you get good quality sleep at night. On the other hand, if your temperature is too high or excellent, sleep disruption can cause.

  • Stress

After anxiety, stress is the most common reason your sleep schedule gets disrupted. During the day, when you are working or busy with other things, your mind will be distracted. But at night, when you are in bed, the stress can loom in your mind and create improper sleeping habits.

4. How can I naturally induce sleep?

When you have a problem evoking sleep naturally, you will have to induce your sleep naturally. And there are various ways you can induce your sleep naturally. They are:

  • Get yourself some warm milk.

Having warm milk before going to bed is one of the best ways to induce sleep. Drinking warm milk helps stimulate the effects of tryptophan on the brain. And this creates serotonin, the chemical that helps the sleep-wake transition.

  • Mild workouts before bedtime

You can also try mild workouts that help you relax and evoke sleep for inducing sleep. For instance, doing Shavasana before going to bed will help you sleep peacefully.

  • Melatonin supplements should be used.

Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally released in your brain hours before you think of sleeping. However, it doesn’t come naturally. Try having melatonin supplements to induce the hormone and thereby induce sleep.

5. What causes a lack of deep sleep?

Lack of deep sleep and disruption of the same creates various problems in our lives. And when you have either one of the sleep disorders like circadian rhythm disorders, insomnia, snoring, or sleep apnea, it can cause a lack of deep sleep. As a result, you often get disturbed in your sleep, which affects your daily routine and life. Some other causes of lack of deep sleep are pregnancy, restless leg syndrome, etc.

6. What foods are high in melatonin?

Melatonin is one of the essential hormones that induce sleep naturally in human beings. And it is essential to include melatonin-rich foods in your diet to increase the hormone. Some of the foods that are high in melatonin are:

  • Tart cherries

Tart cherries are known as the best aid for inducing melatonin hormones. Instead of having tart cherry juice, having tart cherry fruits can increase the melatonin hormones.

  • Eggs

The most natural source of melatonin is fresh eggs. They are highly nutritious and offer other essential nutrients like protein and iron.

  • Milk

Melatonin is found in milk, scorching ones. They are the ideal remedy for people who have insomnia.

  • Fish

Compared to heavy meats, fish is one of the most significant sources of melatonin. Salmon and sardines are some of the best types of fish you can have to increase melatonin, apart from the omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Nuts

Nuts consist of various vitamins and minerals that are essential for us. It also consists of a rich amount of melatonin that helps in inducing sleep.

7. How do you fall asleep in 5 minutes?

You might be sceptical of someone falling asleep in as little as 5 minutes. However, there are many ways you can fall asleep in 5 minutes. Meditation and visualization help you sleep within a few minutes. For instance,

While lying in bed, concentrate on a beautiful visual that comes to your mind, meditate for a few minutes, and see how you fall asleep in 5 minutes.

What is sleeps?

Sleeps is a sleep-inducing supplement with melatonin, chamomile, and valerian root blended to form the perfect sleep sid supplement. Take one to two Sleepasil capsules before you go to bed and experience a quality night’s sleep. A non-addictive and non-habit-forming capsule helps induce sleep more easily and faster.

How do I shut my brain off at night?

You feel like shutting off your brain, but you can’t do it the right way. You can try jotting down the thoughts that loom in your mind in such cases. And keep them out of your mind before going to bed. Also, make a sleep schedule for yourself and stick to it. Furthermore, you can listen to soothing music or podcasts and focus on breathing. Finally, I drift off to sleep.

Why can not I sleep at night?

No matter how hard they try, they are unable to sleep. Various medical conditions affect sleep patterns. Early diagnosis can help you overcome it. Conditions like insomnia, depression, psychomotor retardation, etc., can make you tired all day, but they don’t allow you to sleep. In such cases, you might have to consult an expert to get assistance for a night of quality sleep.

What to do if you can’t sleep?

Getting a good night’s sleep is possible if we try to work towards it. Suppose you are not falling asleep 20-30 minutes after the set time. Then, try some exciting techniques like having a pre-bedtime wherein you can start preparing for sleep 1-2 hours before bedtime, cutting off electronic gadgets like laptops, phones, etc., and always having light meals. Etc. But if your problem is something more than this, consult an expert for help.

What is the best sleeping position?

It is essential to have a fixed position while you sleep to get quality sleep. For example, if you are a side sleeper or a back sleeper, you can have a blissful sleep. Because when you sleep on your side or back, your spine gets much-needed support and relaxation. And if your body is relaxed, then you can sleep peacefully.

Why can’t I sleep even though I am tired?

Some days we feel like sleeping all day and not sitting in front of the computers. However, when you finally lie down on the bed, you suddenly blink your eyes and are not sleepy. It is very frustrating, and we will feel anxious about it. There can be many reasons why you feel this way. It can be insomnia, depression, or even too much caffeine consumption. But if the problem persists, you have to consult a doctor and identify the root cause.


Overall, quality sleep is an essential part of our lives. And compromising the same can lead to the worst problems. So try small sleeping techniques to induce sleep. But if it’s a constant problem, then consider taking the help.

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