9 Best Air Mattresses For Hospital Beds: Great for Bedsores

It is challenging to find the right hospital bed, but it is even more difficult to find the right air mattresses for hospital beds. Hospitals make use of air mattresses for the recovery and safety of patients. A few hospital air mattresses include reclining air mattresses, rotational air mattresses, and standard medical air mattresses. Some of their main health benefits are

  • They enable the patient to sleep in different positions without discomfort or pain. Many of these can rotate to provide comfort.
  • They promote good blood circulation that helps relieve pain often associated with poor blood circulation, besides minimizing inflammation of joints, bones, and muscles.
  • They have alternating pressure points that allow the patients to move comfortably. It also stops the pressure from being concentrated on one spot.

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9 Best Air Mattresses for Hospital Beds

Alternating Pressure Mattress By Vive

This hospital air mattress for bedsores features 130 air bubbles that provide weight displacement and support, making it one of the best alternating mattresses. It supports up to 300 pounds. Some of the best features of this hospital air bed include its size, which is 36 inches wide and 78 inches long, which is considered to be the perfect hospital bed size.

It has a noiseless variable pressure pump that helps to promote restful sleep by producing constant airflow. One of the best things about this mattress is its pressure range adjustment, which you can do from 1 to 5. Each pressure cycle lasts around 6 minutes, though it is better to move the patient to prevent bed sores manually. This mattress pad comes with a 90-day warranty, and the pump has a 1 -year warranty.

Air Mattresses For Hospital Beds

Drive Medical Med Aire Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad System

This bestselling mattress features 130 air cells designed for maximum effectiveness and comfort that are alternately inflated and deflated by a quiet pump every 5 minutes. The 4 LPM quiet pump provides consistent pressure and airflow.

This mattress measures 36 inches in width, 2.5 inches in height, and 123 inches in length. The best selling point of this mattress is its affordable price point compared to other models sold on the market. So, if your budget is limited, this one is great value for money. As it is highly durable, customers have been using it for many years without complaints.

Drive Medical Med Aire Alternating Pressure Pump

The Air Pro Elite by Blue Chip Medical

The Air Pro Elite by Blue Chip Medical perfectly fits the normal size of the hospital bed, the dimensions of which are 79*35*2.5 inches. The mattress has an adjustable quiet pump that offers eight different firmness settings.

The flexibility of changing firmness makes it effective for patients with existing bedsores. The pump has a 10-minute cycle time, and it has a foldaway hanger bracket that makes it easy to hang on the bed, thereby minimizing the risk of accidental damage. This mattress is ideal for a person weighing up to 300 pounds. The pump has a warranty of 1 year, and the pad offers a 6-month warranty.

Blue Chip Medical Alternating Pressure

5″ Thick Air Loss Air Mattress By Drive Medical

This mattress is a high-end model specially designed to treat, manage, and prevent pressure ulcers. It has got some excellent reviews from buyers who could heal their bed sores in a matter of 5 days only by using this mattress. The pump accompanying this effective mattress produces 8 litres of air per minute.

This mattress has 17 air cell configurations, 9 of which have laser holes that help achieve low air loss function while increasing the patient’s comfort. The head section of this mattress has 3 separate air cells that are fixed to boost the pillow function. The price of this model is higher than other ones, but taking into consideration its effectiveness, it is worth it.

Drive Medical 5" Med Aire Low Air Loss Mattress

Proactive Medical 80010 Protekt Aire 1500

The proactive Protekt Aire 1500 adjustable alternating pressure pump and pad give the facility of controlling the interface pressure by regulating the airflow. It has a manually adjustable knob and alternating 10- minute increments of pressure treatment.

This model is fire-resistant PVC and has hanging bed hooks, and a lighted on/off switch. It has a weighing capacity of 300 pounds and measures 35.5 inches wide and 78.5 inches long. The manufacturer offers an 18-month warranty period.

Proactive Medical 80010 Protekt Aire 1500 Fixed Alternating pump

JJ CARE Alternating Pressure Mattress.

The JJ CARE Alternating Pressure Mattress helps relieve the sores and prevents them from developing on the skin. The alternating pressure mattress is a great relief for bedridden patients who cannot shift weight at regular intervals.

The pressure is evenly distributed with the help of 130 bubble cells that inflate and deflate at short intervals. This mattress provides a heavy-duty pump system that does not make any hissing sounds and has a cycle time of around 10 minutes for customized comfort. The weight capacity of this effective alternating pressure mattress is 300 lbs.

JJ Care Premium Alternation Pressure Mattress

Marsdirw Upgraded Bed Pad

The Marsdirw upgraded bed pad comes with 130 air cells that help air circulation and even weight distribution for optimal support. This air mattress has two modes: static and alternating with two separate individual chambers. The caregivers do not need to move patients often as the mattress topper takes turns for inflation and deflation every 6 minutes, which results in better blood circulation.

The pressure pump is adjustable and quiet. When the cells alternate pressure, there is no hissing noise, providing a night of restful sleep. This mattress best fits a standard hospital bed as it measures 36*78*3 inches. It gives a 2-year warranty as well as permanent customer service. So, if it is not satisfactory, you can return or exchange it without any charge.

Marsdirw upgraded bed pad

5-inch Tubular Air Mattress

This tubular air mattress is designed for bedridden patients who have experienced extended bed rest complications. There are variable pressure points that help distribute blood flow evenly and assist in healing bed sores.

The superior design of this mattress includes individual air tubes that are 24 in number for maximum comfort and customization. It also consists of an emergency CPR deflating pull handle. The aluminium pump system operates at a silent level and is long-lasting. The mattress and pump come with a 1-year warranty.

5 inch Tubular Air Mattress

Medvance Premium Alternating Air Pressure Mattress Pad

This high-quality hospital air mattress features an ultra-quiet pump that works at less than 20 dB. The digital pump consists of diagnostic alarms that help customize it to the patient’s needs. Dual pump cores produce maximum output. The alternating pressure stimulates circulation and soothes the pressure spots. This mattress is made of premium quality vinyl material, durable, water-resistant, and maximizes patient comfort. It brings comfort to immobilized patients who have trouble shifting their weight.

The alternating pressure stimulates circulation and soothes the pressure spots. This mattress is made of premium quality vinyl material, durable, water-resistant, and maximizes patient comfort. It brings comfort to immobilized patients who have trouble shifting their weight.

Medvance Premium Alternating Air Pressure Mattress


Doctors recommend hospital bed mattresses for patients who are supposed to remain in bed for long periods and are at risk of developing ulcers and bed sores, as traditional mattresses may not offer the right kind of support for patients with less mobility. The above-mentioned air mattresses can give these patients a better sleeping environment and improve their healing process leading to faster recovery.

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