SweetNight Mattress Fiberglass Free: 7 Good Reasons to Buy

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There are so many options for mattresses these days that it can be hard to find the right one. To help you pick the one that fits your needs, we have discovered one brand that will help you get the quality Zzzs you have wanted on a budget. Meet the SweetNight mattress fiberglass free, which offers different mattress styles that can give you the best sleeping experience. You can also be sure that some latex mattresses, especially those with natural latex, are generally free of fiberglass.

87% of Sweetnight mattress reviews on Amazon are favorable, which is higher than most mattresses and given by 3500 users. It is also Certipur-US-certified.

It has two broad categories: memory foam and hybrid, and 7 mattresses.

This mattress has no trace of fiberglass and is made of only high-quality materials. It has seven different models, each with unique benefits and features. Here are some of their innovative mattresses

Sweetnight Mattress Fiberglass Free – Whisper

Sweetnight Whisper
Sweetnight Mattress Fiberglass Free – Whisper

The flippable, double-sided gel foam Sweetnight Whisper mattress has several unique and reasonably priced features. As you sleep, this mattress absorbs motion with the help of a triple-layer foam. The gel-infused memory foam increases the cooling effect, which helps with temperature regulation for a comfortable night’s sleep. The bottom knit fabric promotes breathability. There are three different heights to choose from that can help you customize it. This mattress can support a weight of 551 lbs. It contains no fiberglass that can damage your health. You get a 10-year warranty from the date of purchase, free shipping, and a 100-night trial on this genius mattress.

Island Hybrid Sweetnight Mattress

Sweetnight Island Hybrid Mattress
Island Hybrid Sweetnight Mattress

This hybrid Sweetnight Island mattress has a neutral foam feel that keeps you cool and comfortable all night long and a medium firmness that provides adequate pressure relief and body support. It uses innerspring coils, which support you while sitting on the edge, regardless of weight. The individually wrapped pocket springs in this mattress allow for airflow and breathability.

It is the best mattress for people who switch between sleeping on their stomach and back and are average or lightweight. This mattress is 100% fiberglass free, making it a safe bet. This mattress ships free and allows you to have a 100-night test before you decide to keep it. It comes with a 10-year warranty.

Sweetnight Breeze Memory Foam Mattress

SweetNight Breeze Memory Foam Mattress 01
Sweetnight Breeze Memory Foam Mattress

On top of three layers of high-density support foam, airflow foam, and gel-infused memory foam, this mattress has a rayon cotton cover. It has a neutral foam feel that is breathable and skin-friendly. This mattress is a good choice for everyone because it supports the back and the stomach.

This mattress doesn’t contain fiberglass and is friendly to the environment. The warranty on this mattress lasts for 10 years and offers a 100-day sleep trial that helps you try it and decide on it.

SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress

Sweetnight Dreamland Hybrid
SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress

This mattress is comfortable. It has individually pocketed springs and gel memory foam, which keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep. It helps relieve the pressure points in your neck, back, and shoulders. It is a perfect choice for people suffering from back pain.

The cover of this mattress is breathable and soft. The foam, along with other materials, is CertiPUR-US certified. It delivers the perfect mix of support and plushness for correct spine alignment. This mattress is fiberglass free. The company provides a warranty of 10 years for this mattress and a 100-day sleep trial.

Sweetnight Hybrid Mattress—Ocean Blue

Sweetnight Ocean Blue 1
Sweetnight Hybrid Mattress—Ocean Blue

The Ocean Blue hybrid mattress from Sweetnight is affordable but has a high-end feel. This mattress accommodates stomach, side, back, and combination sleepers. It is made of 4 layers:

  • The knitted fabric cover
  • Gel memory foam
  • Airflow high-density foam
  • Wrapped pocketed steel coils

The gel memory foam helps to dissipate heat, promoting pressure-relieving comfort and body contouring. Airflow high-density foam offers edge support and helps with motion transfer. The individually wrapped steel coils offer a spring and bounce intrinsic to the innerspring. The ocean blue Sweetnight mattress is fiberglass free. It comes with a 10-year warranty and a 100-night sleep trial.

Sweetnight Gel Memory Foam Mattress-Sunkiss

Sweetnight Sunkiss Cooling Gel Memory Foam
Sweetnight Gel Memory Foam Mattress-Sunkiss

Sunkiss is the most popular Sweet Night memory foam mattress. No matter your thickness, it gives you support and comfort that relieves pressure. This mattress is ideal for combination and back sleepers concerned about firmness. The medium-firm feel of the gel memory foam mattress makes it better for stomach and back sleepers to keep their spines in line.

This mattress is gel-infused so that it can provide cooling and comfort. It has been approved by CertiPur-Us, meaning it doesn’t use harmful chemicals or fiberglass. This mattress has a three-zone support layer that helps with body alignment. The open-cell design of this mattress allows more airflow. Together with the gel-infused layer, it makes for a relaxing sleep experience. The 100-day trial gives you enough time to decide on the purchase. The company offers a 10-year warranty on this comfortable mattress.

Pillow Top Hybrid Mattress-Twilight

Sweetnight Twilight Pillow Top Memory Foam
Pillow Top Hybrid Mattress-Twilight

As the name implies, this mattress is soft, cuddly, and perfect for all sleepers. It has five layers and uses different densities of foam free of ozone-depleting chemicals, mercury, phthalates, lead, and other dangerous chemicals. Because the top layer is knitted cotton fabric, it has a hotel feel.

This layer is between two layers of high-density foam, letting air pass through and making it very breathable. The next layer comprises individually wrapped, pocketed steel coils that provide support and airflow. This mattress has no toxic chemicals, fiberglass, or other dangerous chemicals. The company offers a 10-year limited warranty and a 100-day trial period.


Sweetnight is a brand that makes and ships mattresses from its factories. This means they can offer high-quality mattresses at lower prices than most other brands. One of its unique selling points is that it caters to all sleepers. Take a look at the popular Sweet Night mattresses above and decide.

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