Hospitals make use of air mattresses for the recovery. So here are top 9 best Air Mattresses for Hospitals Beds.

Air Mattresses for Hospital Bed

Alternating Pressure Mattress By Vive

This hospital air mattress for bedsores has 130 air bubbles that help to disperse weight and offer support, .

Drive Medical Med Aire Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad System

The best selling point of this mattress is its affordable price point compared to other models sold on the market

The Air Pro Elite by Blue Chip Medical

The Air Pro Elite from Blue Chip Medical is a great fit for a standard hospital bed, measuring 79*35*2.5 inches in size.

The Air Pro Elite by Blue Chip Medical

5″ Thick Air Loss Air Mattress By Drive Medical

This is a high-end mattress that was created to cure, manage, and prevent pressure ulcers.

Proactive Medical 80010 Protekt Aire 1500

This type is made of fire-resistant PVC and features an LED on/off switch and hanging bed hooks. It has a 300-pound weighing capacity.

JJ CARE Alternating Pressure Mattress.

With the help of 130 bubble cells that inflate and deflate at regular intervals, the pressure is uniformly distributed.

Marsdirw Upgraded Bed Pad

The Marsdirw upgraded bed pad features 130 air cells for improved air circulation and weight distribution.


Number of hospital bed manufacturers market their products primarily to hospitals and long-term care organizations.

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