Why Buy Sleep EZ Latex Hybrid Mattress (2022): A Fair Review

Buying a reliable mattress that stands up to your expectations in regards to comfort and support is pretty much a hectic task. Moreover, with so many overwhelming options, it is quite difficult to end up with the best one, and oftentimes, users report having made inappropriate decisions. 

However, it may not be the same case with the Sleep EZ latex hybrid mattress. Out of multiple Sleep EZ hybrid latex reviews posted online, it is quite evident that the mattress has been able to deliver a good level of comfort and benefits to its users. 

Sleep EZ latex mattress variety is huge, and you can pick from any Sleep EZ organic mattress, hybrid, or all-latex option. However, here we’ve reviewed the hybrid mattress. It’s priced reasonably and boasts multiple benefits, making it a good option, if you are considering buying one.

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Sleep EZ Latex Hybrid Mattress – Overview

Since its inception in 1976, the Sleep latex mattress factory has claimed to produce only one-of-a-kind and comfortable mattresses for customers. With 46 years of experience, the company seems to produce optimum mattresses while keeping quality in mind.

The company makes genuine latex mattresses without incorporating any synthetic materials.

The inclusion of synthetic materials is what’s concerning most mattress makers, but Sleep EZ claims to eradicate that concern by producing all-natural and certified organic latex. Whether you’re a combination sleeper or prefer individual back, stomach, or side sleeping positions, this might be the bed for you. 

Construction – Sleep EZ Latex Hybrid Mattress

The mattress comes with multiple layers, each designed to perfectly align with your preferences and custom comfort requirements. Sourced naturally, the latex is completely non-GMO and free from any volatile compounds

The cover of the Sleep EZ latex hybrid mattress comprises New Zealand Joma wool and an organic cotton cover that offers optimum softness. The quilted cover has better breathability and wicks away moisture.

The 1″ cover is flippable, and users can flip this OKEO_TEX Standard 100 dual-comfort layer to alter between firmness and plushness. However, the cover is not removable but has a 360-degree zipper that makes cleaning and assembly super-easy.

Next comes the 3″ second layer of organically harvested and naturally sourced certified latex for optimum comfort. The natural latex is eco-friendly and aims to offer brilliant resilience, durability, and good temperature regulation properties

The mattress comes with 8″ of highly efficient and durable Bolsa ComfortCore coils for unmatched performance. The wire coils are heat-treated and stress-relieved so they can retain their shape for a long time and offer a better sleeping surface.

The flexible wire comes with a better body conforming to contouring and can dampen all kinds of movements. The 8″ base may be comprised of up to 1188 individually responding pocketed coils.

On top of that, the quantum edge elite coils in the bed can assist with consistent perimeter support at all times. It is said to be 26% more durable than foam and can help a lot with the feeling of rolling off. They can align perfectly with different kinds of adjustable beds. 

The next layer is 2″ thick and made with Dunlop latex for better firmness and may help absorb motion better. It claims to help people who have sensitive sleep and offer better pressure relief for users. 

This 2″ latex layer is placed beneath the hybrid coils layer and the mattress can be flipped to attain a firmer feel on one side and a plush feel on the flip side. 


The mattress has a decent firmness score with two different variations available, such as the medium plush and firm beds. The mattress, being flippable, can be adjusted to set it based on your tailor-made requirements. 

The dual latex layers of organic latex and Dunlop latex offer softness, motion isolation, pressure relief and firmness, support at the same time. Out of 10, Sleep EZ latex hybrid mattress scores 7 on the firmness scale.

Motion Transfer

The Sleep EZ mattress with hybrid coils has better support and motion dampening, which eventually can isolate movement and is well suited to sleeping partners for preventing sleep disturbance. 

Although the mattress does not perform as well in terms of motion transfer as latex mattresses, it does provide adequate movement absorbance.

Image Courtesy: Sleepez.com


The perforated, open-celled latex helps in optimum temperature control for users, and you need not worry about comfortable sleep. The mattress comes with a decent temperature control because of its breathability. 

This eventually helps the users sleep cool during the summer and warm during the winter. It does not retain moisture, thus letting you sleep dry at all times.

Product Specifications

Mattress TypeHybrid
MaterialsOrganic cotton Joma wool. 3-inch medium latex. 2-inch firm latex. 8-inch Bolsa Comfort Core Coils
Firmness2-in-1 med-plush & firm
CertificationOeko-TEX Standard 100 Joma Wool
Free Shipping
Free Returns$99
Trial90 days
Warranty10-year limited
Country Of OriginMade in USA
Queen80″L X 60″W X 14″H


The Sleep EZ latex hybrid mattress comes with a host of different pros and may vary depending on your preferences. However, some are:

  • Organic latex that is 100% natural, as well as Dunlop latex
  • Better breathability and firmness
  • Quantum pocketed coils made of solid stainless steel
  • Better perimeter support
  • It is simple to keep clean and maintain.
  • Organic cotton quilted cover with moisture-wicking efficacy.


  • Not ideal for users who prefer latex mattresses.
  • The cover is not removable, but it is zippable.
  • May not be great for highly sensitive sleepers.
  • Being latex it is a heavy mattress.

Shipping and Returns

The Sleep EZ latex hybrid mattress is shipped throughout the continental United States for free of charge. The mattress comes with a bed-in-a-box delivery option, and there is no white glove delivery available.

The return process is easy, but you need to shed off $99 as a return fee for the mattress, which may not be so convincing and more on the downside. 

Trial & Warranty

The Sleep EZ latex hybrid mattress price starts at a decent $495 and goes up to $790 based on the models. The mattress comes with a risk-free trial of 90-nights, with a minimum 30-day break-in period.

The mattress comes with a limited warranty of 10 years, and this can easily indicate the trust in the quality. 


The Sleep EZ latex hybrid mattress is a pretty decent mattress based on the price and its features. Some of the competitors are Saatva, Casper, Lucid, and Nest Bedding, to name a few. However, considering the reviews and price affordability, this mattress may be the one you should vouch for.

Customer Feedback

Out of all the Sleep EZ latex mattress reviews we checked online, there weren’t many that pointed towards users’ disappointment. 69% of users marked the bed as very satisfactory, 20% claimed the mattress to be a moderate one, 6% disapproved of the quality, and 5% weren’t sure whether they were good with it, but exploring now.

Final Thoughts

The Sleep EZ latex hybrid mattress is priced affordably and loaded with decent features, including a 2 in 1 flippable comfort option. It is not a bad deal for economical buyers. However, if you have the budget, you can always opt for expensive ones. 

More or less, this mattress is definitely worth the investment and can help you with comfort, pressure relief, support, and softness at the same time without burning your pockets. This bed can be a good option for sleeping partners as well. 

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