Bariatric Air Mattress

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Bariatric mattresses are best for obese people as they are highly comfortable, durable, and safe. They are designed to meet bariatric clients’ needs with unique skin integrity challenges. Moreover, a bariatric air mattress for a hospital bed can easily hold a maximum capacity of around 750 pounds.

These days, the best hospitals in the city are opting for air mattresses for their hospital beds. They are designed to offer that support and comfort to a bariatric patient who is obese and overweight.

If you’re wondering how these mattresses can withstand the weight of obese people, the answer is that they’re typically made of high-density foam, which has a higher weight capacity than standard mattresses. Experts believe a person’s weight or height can qualify them as bariatric. They also come in various sizes and styles to accommodate hospital beds.

For the best comfort, the skin shear and friction are gradually reduced by a layer of independent support cells on top of the mattress. Also, a progressive laminated foam system and air layers spread out the weight to keep bed sores from happening.

Benefits of bariatric mattresses

  • Can withstand a higher weight capacity of the person
  • Made up of highly durable material like heavy-duty vinyl for best support and longevity
  • Features added comfort due to additional layers or cushioning
  • Prevent pressure ulcers and also improve the overall comfort of the patient
  • Best for people who need some extra support at home or need of hospital bed

9 Best Bariatric Air Mattresses on Amazon

Drive Medical Med Aire Plus Bariatric Heavy Duty Low Air Loss Mattress System, 48″

This bariatric air mattress tops the list with a low air loss replacement system offered by Drive Medical.

It is ideal for people who want to experience alternating pressure. However, this alternating pressure works for those in the stage of IV pressure ulcers, and it helps them to prevent, treat, and manage pressure ulcers everywhere.

Moreover, if you talk about the weight capacity, it can take up to 750 lbs with three air cells pillow functions right at the head of the bed in static mode to make the patient comfortable. Furthermore, it also comes with an advanced digital pump allowing users to opt for custom settings according to their needs and safety.

Aside from that, the mattress cover is extremely convenient and can be stretched in four ways: low sheer, vapor permeable, quilted, zippered, and fluid resistant. On top of that, this air mattress has three different diagnostic alarms that can quickly tell you whether the issue is with the mattress or the pump. So, consider the Med Aire Bariatric air loss mattress if you want effective treatment and ideal comfort.

Alternating pressure Bariatric mattress for hospital beds with pump

The famous name in the world of mattresses, Medacure comes with another premier comfort zone line for stage 2, 3, and 4 wounds.

It is designed to treat and prevent pressure ulcers and various other conditions.

If you talk about the weight limit, it can take up to 1000 pounds with eight ventilated cells that ensure the mattress retains the air. Apart from that, the design of the mattress, which is cell-on-cell, prevents bottoming out. Moreover, this mattress comprises 20 replaceable cells, which you can quickly snap in with any DIY method.

It comes with removable quilted poly PU cover that ensures the patient will feel comfortable and relaxed. Moreover, have a water-resistant capacity with easy-to-clean and maintenance ability. Furthermore, it has patented quick inflation CPR, a quick change air filter, and a patented quick connector which are quick and easy to operate.

However, the best part, no matter the size of the hospital or home bed, this mattress is available in various sizes, 36″ in width, 42”, and 48”.

Medical MedAir Low Air Loss Mattress

This is another hospital bed bariatric mattress with an ultra-quiet air pump that operates at less than 20 db.

Moreover, the dual pump cores offer maximum output and advanced digital adjustment. If you talk about the size of the mattress is “80″(L) x 36″(W) x 8″(H), which can easily fit every hospital bed with a weight capacity of 450 pounds.

Furthermore, if talk about the mattress pump system, it is easy to use that inflates quickly. Also comes with an intuitive digital LED screen that displays weight and pressure. This bariatric mattress also has an emergency CPR function that will let you deflate the mattress immediately by just pulling the red tag.

The bariatric air loss mattress has a cell-on-cell design with 8″ deep air cells that prevent bottoming out and offer up to 24 hours of power outage protection. Also comes with a pillow that maintains the air three cells right at the head of the patient for greater comfort. Every cell comprises nylon Tpu with a quilted top cover for maximum protection and comfort.

Mason Medical 1500SC-42-FB Shearcare Bariatric Dual-layer mattress

This multi-ply shear care bariatric mattress by Drive Medical has many advanced features to make the patient comfortable and relaxed.

It has a multi-layered, multi-zone construction offers maximum comfort, support, and optimal pressure redistribution.

If you talk about the top layer is made up of two zones that support a high weight capacity of up to 750 lbs. Moreover, the bottom layer comprises high-density LX45 and ILD foam for premium support and stability. If you look at the foot section of this mattress, it is Lura-Quilt foam that allows the perfect flow of air through the material, keeping the heel and calves cool and dry.

However, the best part of this mattress is it meets the Federal Fire Code CFR 16 part 1633. Moreover, the dual foam system is enveloped in the two-way stretch fabric at the top and the bottom surfaces. The top part reduces heat build-up while offering a low-shear surface that is anti-microbial and waterproof. The bottom layer is completely vinyl.

Invacare Softform Premier Bariatric Mattress

The Invacare Bariatric Foam mattress is another hospital bed mattress that offers maximum comfort and is designed especially for bariatric patients.

It is a highly durable mattress made up of latex-free materials and high-resilience foam that extends the life of the mattress.

On top of that, it comes with a highly durable 11 oz vinyl cover which is anti-bacterial and easy to clean. Moreover, the Invacare Bariatric mattress is reversible and delivers a heavy-duty yet relaxed mattress for every patient or loved one.

Furthermore, it is designed for heavier-weight patients at high risk of pressure ulcers. This mattress has 80″ or 84 “lengths and features a single piece of U-core foam. However, it is also easy to clean, can take up to 700 lbs capacity, and is best for almost all hospital beds.

Gel-flex Bariatric mattress

Another Bariatric mattress for hospital beds and comfortable for patients and comes with overlay support of 400 lbs, and will not decrease with time.

If you talk about its dimensions, it is a 48″ x 80 x 4″bariatric gel mattress that offers comfortable sleep and protection against pressure sores.

Moreover, this mattress has a therapeutic medical gel that offers the benefits of the therapeutic properties of gel and foam together. If you talk about the base is made of foam made with SCT technology. It can easily support up to 400 lbs and is manufactured in the US using Certipure foam.

Furthermore, this bariatric gel mattress is constructed from a combination of Gel-flex, which is there in between the foam springs. If you talk about the cover, it utilizes Blue chip exclusive Vyvex-I. That means the nylon cover of the mattress is soft and non-shear, which reduces heat and moisture build-up. Apart from that, it is also fluid-resistant, stain-resistant, fire retardant, and anti-microbial.

It is available in 36”, 42”, and 48” sizes and meets Federal Flammability Standard 16 CFR 1633. Moreover, if you talk about safety, it comes with corner straps that fully secure the mattress topper.

Geo-Mattress Atlas

This Geo-Mattress from Atlas is another mattress that fully supports up to 750 pounds and meets all bariatric clients’ unique skin integrity challenges.

The top layer of this bariatric mattress features the patented Geo matt design.

Moreover, it consists of 800 independent support cells that fully protect against the damaging effects of friction and shearing. Apart from that, the three high-resiliency layers deliver firmer patient support. A fluid-proof cover with a three-year warranty also protects it.

Furthermore, it has an exclusive bottom zipper design that keeps the zipper away from the patient, making them highly comfortable and controlling infection. This foam topper is 2″ tall and has a unique heel slope feature to reduce pressure on sensitive skin.

If you talk about weight capacity, this mattress comes in different sizes that are 35″, 39″, 42″,48″, and 54″, which can take up to 600 lbs to 750 lbs.

NAMC Bariatric Assure mattress

This Marathon series bariatric mattress easily supports 500 lbs to 1000 lbs, designed for longer-stay and high-risk patients.

Apart from that, made in the USA, this mattress is made with eco-friendly CertiPUR-US foam.

Moreover, if you talk about the top cover of the mattress is soft and supple that offers exceptional comfort. This Vinyl cover is designed to keep patients’ comfort in mind, stain resistant, abrasion resistant, easy to clean, and most importantly, latex free.

Furthermore, it also has a secondary fluid barrier, which protects the foam if the outer cover is compromised. Suppose you talk about the dimensions of the bariatric mattress 80″ x 42″ x 7″. However, this mattress can be easily cleaned with lukewarm water and gentle soap and then rinsed off. After that, dry it thoroughly for the best result.

Invacare Solace Prevention Bariatric mattress

The Invacare Solace prevention mattress is 42″ wide that features a soft head and heel section for maximum comfort and protection.

However, it measures 42″(W) x 80″(L) that can hold up to 450 lbs weight capacity person easily.

The top cover of the mattress is fluid-resistant nylon, and the tri-laminate vinyl bottom offers easy cleaning and high durability. It also has three zones that relieve pressure in the head, heel section, and body.

Moreover, if you talk about the design, it is a convoluted fortress cut that offers a surface area for high resident support and the best relief. The dual-layered premium quality design helps in preventing pressure ulcers. The mattress cover is removable and zipped.

The bottom line

These are some of the best bariatric mattresses for hospital beds that deliver comfort and relaxation to patients. Bariatric patients need everything unique, and if they get good sleep, they will recover quickly, and this bariatric mattress is one of them.

So, if you want that your bariatric patient will recover as soon as possible, ensure to offer them these mattresses for the best result.

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