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Mattresses have recently come under close scrutiny to prevent the toxic chemicals we may bring into our homes. It is the sole reason products such as Naturepedic organic latex mattresses or organic hybrid latex mattresses have entered the market. To address concerns about toxic chemicals in mattresses, the company made a line of comfortable mattresses that are good for your health and the environment.

Naturepedic EOS Trilux Organic Mattress is just the kind of mattress that makes you feel good when sleeping on it. Different models of these organic mattresses can be made to fit your specific needs. 

Why Naturepedic EOS Trilux Organic Mattress?

Naturepedic EOS Trilux organic mattress is the most impressive choice when choosing the best organic latex mattress free from toxic chemicals and has an organic build quality.

You can completely customize the 12-inch-high organic mattress for your requirements. If you are latex allergic, you can choose the all-spring model or their spring and latex models.

If a customer has a latex allergy, Naturepedic will replace it with micro-coils, which provide better cushioning and support than latex and are hidden under the thick cover of the mattress. You can hardly find high-quality latex mattresses that are customizable to this extent. 

Naturepedic EOS Trilux Organic Mattress Constructions Layers & Materials

Naturepedic EOS Trilux is an organic latex foam mattress with zero toxic compounds. It comprises cotton quilted covers, organic wool batting, and PLA fibre.

Latex Mattress1

The quilted cotton cover lays on top of three different three-inch organic latex-made comfort layers, and the entire thing rests on an organic foundation made of cotton batting. The organic Trilux model comes with a single organic mattress cover. 

Benefits of Construction Materials

Organic Cotton Fabric + Fill: Organic cotton is considered the purest cotton and a healthier substitute for synthetic fabrics and foams. Naturepedic employs only US-grown and certified cotton as its organic fillings. The stretch knit fabrics are incredibly luxurious and soft to the touch, and they have nice stretchability that easily conforms to your body. 

Organic Wool Batting: This organic wool repels moisture, offers outstanding fire protection, and has a temperature control ability that helps you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The natural crimp of the organic latex mattress offers bounce, body, and softer support characteristics. 

PLA Layer– PLA is a reliable and performance-oriented synthetic fibre made from non-GMO sugarcane, adding resiliency and enhanced moisture repulsion, aiding in a good night’s sleep. 

Organic Latex: It is well-known for its exceptional efficacy in pressure-point relieving properties. Latex is a brilliant organic compound extracted from rubber tree sap used in these latex mattresses.

All the latex used in these best latex mattresses is GOTS certified, unlike synthetic latex, and is incorporated into all-natural materials for manufacturing these mattresses. 

Latex Mattress2

Naturepedic EOS Trilux Organic Mattress Performance

Naturepedic EOS mattresses come with a unique modular construction that can be customized to your specific needs of firmness and comfort by simply splitting it up. The latex-made EOS Trilux mattress has five different firmness levels: extra-firm, firm, cushion-firm, medium, and plush. The cushion-firm is a latex mattress model that most people prefer for comfort and firmness. 

Motion Isolation

Although the performance varies depending on the firmness options, EOS Trilux organic latex mattress offers brilliant motion isolation. It is not as good as memory foam, but there is not much difference.

Pressure Relief

The EOS organic latex mattress offers superb pressure-point relief properties for multiple sleepers. The three-inch comfort layers are made of latex and are ergonomically designed to move with your body. This lets your muscles relax better and relieves pressure points. 

It offers balanced support to the body, distributes the weight evenly, promotes proper spinal alignment, and does not focus weight directly on your hips or shoulders, which are the main pressure points. 

Temperature Regulation

Organic wool aids in temperature regulation and moisture control. Latex comfort layers help move heat around at night and prevent hot spots because they naturally reduce temperature. The EOS best latex mattress is better than all-foam models and ideal for sleepers who want maximum temperature-controlling mattress properties. 

Due to the temperature control properties, it becomes better than memory foam. 

Edge Support

The EOS Trilux organic latex mattress comes with an entire perimeter and efficient edge support that helps you feel secure and does not cause sinkage when you sleep on the edges of the mattress. It is ideal for users who have problems getting in or out of their beds and like to sleep throughout the mattress perimeter. The perimeter support helps expand the usable sleeping areas of the mattress. 

Off-Gassing Properties

The EOS Trilux Organic latex mattress does not emit any off-gassing odor that is most common with most latex mattresses. It happens due to volatile organic compounds that release a pungent synthetic foam odor. Although VOCs are not that harmful to health but can be bothering many individuals. Since Naturepedic does not use synthetic foams, the VOC odor will not be the case. 

Product Specifications

  • 60″W x 80″L x 12″H
  • Quilt (organic cotton fabric + organic wool batting + PLA comfort layer)
  • 3″ organic latex
  • Organic cotton mattress cover with organic cotton filling for extra padding
  • GOTS-certified organic wool batting, MADE-SAFE Certified & UL/GREENGUARD Certified, ensures low emissions, organic compounds usage, and no toxic chemicals as per independent testing laboratory standards. 
  • PLA Comfort Layer
  • No flame retardant chemicals
  • 90-day comfort exchange
  • Encasement (organic cotton fabric + organic cotton fill + solid brass zipper)

EOS Trilux Mattress for Different Sleeping Positions

Back sleepers

The firmer the organic mattress is for back sleepers, the better their comfort. With extra-firmness options in Trilux mattresses, users can better support their back while sleeping. 

Side Sleepers

Users can select between the different Trilux organic latex mattresses, following their side sleeping needs. You can have the softest mattress in the Trilux range for side sleeping and avoiding direct pressure on your hips or shoulders. 

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers need firmer support to their hips and stomach while sleeping. EOS Trilux organic latex mattress offers a firm yet softer mattress that prevents your hips from sinking too deep and provides a comfortable sleep. 

EOS Trilux Mattress Competitors

Some of the dominating competitors of this best latex mattress are PlushBeds Botanicals Bliss Mattress, Savvy Rest Serenity and Earthspring Mattress, Avocado Vegan Mattress, and Obasan Mattress. However, the Naturepedic EOS Trilux Organic mattress ranks the best due to the Amish handicraft, modernized designs, and many firmness options. Moreover, price is also a factor since this organic mattress does not make a hole in your pocket. 


The mattress is vacuum-sealed, compressed, and rolled as a bed in a box delivery for free within the continental US and most of Canada. The mattress box is easily manoeuvrable, environmentally friendly, and easily placed in your room. At some places, white-glove delivery is also allowed, but that might seem a costly option due to the larger mattress size requiring more workforce. 


What is more vital for you when you are out there shopping for a mattress? Well, for most American citizens, it’s their health aspect. If you are a health-concerned individual, it is worth looking for the all-organic EOS Trilux mattress for your betterment. Very few people in this world are allergic to latex. You have a broad spectrum of firmness options, which ranks Naturepedic at the top.

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