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Recent polls show that latex mattresses are more popular than other mattresses like memory foam and hybrids. 100% organic latex mattresses are superior due to their numerous health and sleep benefits.

For starters, it provides unparalleled comfort. Moreover, every sleeper would like to experience the soft, plush feeling. In this latex mattress review, we will check out why these are so popular and check out the top seven simultaneously.

Types of Latex

There are three types of latex generally used in mattresses, which are:

Natural Latex: Rubber tree sap is the primary source of this latex. You can find two types of natural latex: Talalay and Dunlop. Talalay is the preferred one.

Synthetic Latex: This latex is made in a lab to mimic the feel of natural latex, but it is made from chemicals. It isn’t as durable as natural latex since it contains chemicals such as protein, sterol glycosides, resins, ash, and sugar. This latex is not ideal for users with allergies.

Blended latex is a mix of natural and synthetic latex. It lasts longer than synthetic latex and is cheaper than original latex. The synthetic material ratio here is more than the original latex ratio.

How Does It Feel to Sleep on Latex Mattress?

Latex is mainly known for the brilliant responsiveness it offers users. Latex mattresses are springy, buoyant, and have a good bounce, which makes them ideal sleeping mattresses. So, support and comfort are available at the same time for users. 

Also, because latex mattresses are made up of open cells, they are good at cooling and keeping the right temperature. It effectively wicks away moisture and dissipates body heat. 

Talalay latex offers a softer and plusher feel, while Dunlop latex is more on the firmer side.

Latex vs. Memory Foam

According to statistics and reports, latex and memory foam are soft mattress materials, but latex has always been the most preferred of both. Regarding comfortability, durability, and pressure relief, latex mattresses do better than memory foam mattresses. 

It is due to the open-cell structure of latex, its natural durability, the exclusion of toxic chemicals, and the unmatched responsiveness of the mattress. Natural latex mattresses are ideal for all kinds of sleepers, whereas memory foam is perfect for people who sleep on their backs mostly. 

Let us glance through the various benefits of latex over memory foam. 

BenefitMemory foamLatex
Cooling effectX
Good for allergiesX
Options for side, back, or stomach sleepersX
Helps prevent aches and pains
Mold resistantX
Dust mite resistant

The Primary Advantages of Latex Mattresses

The advantages of latex mattresses range from pain relief to long-term durability. Here are some.

Better Pain Relief: Latex mattresses are firm and offer the best lumbar support. The mattress cushions your body and relieves pain. It also fits your body well and gives you a lot of support.

Fresh and hygienic: Latex mattresses are hypoallergenic and made from the sap of rubber trees. They keep dust from accumulating and repel microbes from sleeping inside the bed. It is ideal for people with allergies.

Durability: A latex mattress is durable for a long time and can last an average of more than 8 to 10 years. Unlike spring mattresses, latex beds last long and keep their springy feel and bounce.

Breathability: Latex mattresses come with an open-celled structure that has perforated holes. It enables easy airflow within the bed and can dissipate body heat efficiently, thereby keeping you warm during the winter and cool during the summer. 

Although there are a lot of latex mattresses on the market, we have handpicked the most popular seven for you to check out. We will compare and discuss all seven latex mattresses to determine which is best for you. 

All perimeters have been scrutinized and checked to ensure the wisest decision for users. We will evaluate all the parameters and then arrive at the top 3 best mattresses for you.

The top 7 latex mattresses we have picked for you are the 

NestBedding FinchOrganic cotton, Joma wool, Dunlop latex10.5″ H – 120  lbs365Lifetime$1249-$2499
NestBedding All LatexO cotton, Joma wool, Dunlop latex10″ H  – 170 lbs100Lifetime$2749-$4699
SpindleO cotton, wool, Dunlop latex10” H – 150 lbs36510$1399-$1999
Naturepedic EOS TriluxO cotton, N Zealand wool, Talalay, Dunlop(6″, 8″,10″)-120 lbs10025$1399-$2398
Nolah Natural 11″O cotton, N Zealand wool, Talalay, Dunlop(6″, 8″,10″)-120 lbs10025$1199-$2198
Happsy OrganicO cotton, wool, Talalay, Dunlop latex(7” & 9″) – 130 lbs12020$749 – $1619
GhostBed NaturalO cotton, Joma wool, PLA, Dunlop latex10″ – 91lbs9020$2099-$4199

A Summary of the 7 Best Latex Mattresses

Nest Bedding Finch Latex Mattress

The Nest Bedding Finch latex mattress aims to be one of the best Dunlop latex mattresses for combination sleepers. Built with organic cotton, Joma wool, and natural Dunlop latex, the bed may be your ideal choice for softness and comfort. 

With a 1.5″ cotton cover, Eco-Flex quilted polyfoam, and 3″ Dunlop latex, the mattress offers plush feelings, temperature regulation while sleeping, and good pressure-relieving properties. The high-density latex foam support may not be the best, but it provides adequate motion isolation.

Nest Bedding All-Latex

Nest Bedding’s All-Latex mattress claims to rank among the best organic Dunlop latex mattresses on the market. All-Latex comes with Joma wool, an organic cotton cover, and 3″ of organic Dunlop latex for premium softness and pressure relief. 

Covers made of GOTS-certified cotton and wool and GOLS-certified latex may help isolate motion, dissipate heat, and keep moisture from building up. The bed comes with a whopping 100-night trial.

Spindle Latex

It comes with three layers of a 3″ Dunlop latex mattress customized to fit your requirements. It may be one of the best latex foam mattresses for combination sleepers.

The Spindle latex mattress is a flagship bed from the company that markets itself as one of the best latex mattress brands. It claims to be the best latex mattress for side sleepers because it is made with organic cotton knitted and woolen cover and a canvas cotton layer.

Naturepedic EOS Trilux

Considered to be the best firm latex mattress for many users based on reviews, this 10″ surprises many. The mattress cover is 1″ thick and made of cotton and woolen fabric, as well as a particular PLA layer.


It comes with three Dunlop latex layers and three different firmness options. Based on multiple online reviews, the mattress aims to be the best latex mattress for heavy-side sleepers as well.

Nolah Natural 11”

Along with being built of eco-friendly and hypoallergenic materials, the Nolah Natural mattress also provides pressure relief and comfort that many people should find appealing while they sleep.

It is covered in a sumptuous organic cotton fabric, has layers of GOTS Organic Wool, and is stuffed with comfort features like hand-crafted HDMaxTM Tri-ZoneTM support coils and layers of natural Talalay latex with holes punched out for better ventilation and cooling.

Happsy Organic Mattress

This option’s all-organic components, which include 2 inches of latex, wool, and cotton with 8-inch pocketed coils, are recognized by GOTS and GOLS. Like our other options, it is produced without glue or flame retardants.

The Happsy mattress, built to perform, fulfills its promise of a better night’s sleep thanks to cutting-edge technology and inventive uses of natural materials. It is also a mattress with a conscience that will positively affect the environment.

Its natural construction benefits the environment and offers superb support, following every curve of your body and removing heat for a more pleasant night’s sleep.

GhostBed Natural

This organic latex hybrid is an excellent choice for customers concerned about the environment and delivers all the advantages of a bouncy latex bed.

Talalay and Dunlop’s latex is utilized in the GhostBed natural, with Talalay providing the bouncy sensation for contouring and cradling, and Dunlop is the sturdy support foundation.

Most individuals, particularly side sleepers, will find this mattress pleasant because of its medium-firm feel. The bouncy texture is ideal for combination and side sleepers since it allows for smooth movement throughout the night and makes it simple to alter positions. Because of this bed’s medium-firm comfort layer, combination sleepers should feel adequately supported in their sleeping positions for at least part of the night.

Best Latex Mattress Cover

Though there are separate latex mattress toppers available on the market, some of these companies have excellent covers for the mattress.

Nest Bedding Finch: The Nest Bedding Finch comes with a 1.5″ organic cotton cover and a natural Joma wool fabric. The mattress also has Eco-Flex quilted polyfoam for better durability and texture. It is GOTS-certified and US-CertiPUR-backed.

Nest Bedding All-Latex: The all-latex mattress has a 1″ GOTS-certified organic cotton quilted cover with organic wool inside. The cover is stretched and knitted well for a luxurious and soft texture. It has an excellent plush feel but doesn’t have polyfoam like Finch. 

Spindle Latex: The mattress cover is organically crafted from 1″ cotton knitted circularly as the top fabric. The sides and the bottom layer of material are made of canvas cotton, which is also organic. The wool batted layer is placed inside the cotton cover.

Naturepedic EOS Trilux: Naturepedic EOS Trilux comes with 1″ of USDA-certified organic cotton cover and wool batting that is stretch knitted for delivering comfort. You can find another non-GMO PLA synthetic layer for moisture repulsion and resiliency in the cover. The cover is detachable.

Nolah natural mattress: It is encased in a plush organic cotton cover, covered in layers of GOTS Organic Wool, and loaded with comfort features, such as hand-crafted HDMax Tri-Zone support.

GhostBed Natural: GhostBed uses both latex and memory foam to get the best possible combination of the two. Above its 2-inch layer of cooling gel memory foam is a 1.5-inch layer of aerated latex foam that is covered in a soft, fluffy fabric.

Winner-The Finch comes out on top with a thicker 1.5″ organic cotton cover and woolen batting layer compared to others. The runner-up is Naturepedic EOS Trilux, with an extra PLA layer for enhanced comfort. GhostBed Natural and Nolah natural mattress take third place for ultra-soft cover. However, GhostBed Natural is on the expensive side. 

Comfort Layers

The Nest Bedding Finch-Finch has a 3-inch comfort layer made of Dunlop latex. This layer is GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified, which means it is made from naturally extracted latex. This specific layer may offer proper support for your body with its consistent density and keep your spine better aligned.

Nest Bedding All Latex: All latex mattresses have a 3″ Dunlop latex comfort layer wrapped in organic cotton. The latex layer is high-density and may offer good support and comfort to the users.

Naturepedic EOS Trilux: Trilux has three customizable 3″ organic latex layers for varied firmness options such as plush, plush-medium, medium-firm, and extra-firm. They are all encased in the signature EOS mattress organic cotton cover. 

Spindle: The Spindle 10″ mattress comes with three layers of 3″ organic Dunlop latex of high density. You can customize the Dunlop latex layers in the set-up process for tailor-made firmness requirements. The latex used is GOLS-certified and flippable. 

Nolah natural mattress: Latex for Less comes with 2″ of Talalay latex and 6″ of Dunlop latex, which is flippable to customize per your requirements. Available in two options, 7″ and 9″, users can rearrange the latex layers (either Dunlop on top or Talalay on top) to decide the level of firmness required.

Happsy Organic Mattress: The comfort layer of the Happsy Organic Mattress, sometimes known as the Happsy for short, is made of GOLS-certified organic latex.

GhostBed Natural: For those looking for a natural or eco-friendly product, this 12-inch latex hybrid mattress made of organic ingredients is a fantastic choice.

WinnerNolah natural mattress and GhostBed Natural come out as the winner in this segment with extra layers of Talalay and Dunlop latex. They are also economical compared to others. Finch steals the second position with a 3″ latex layer and a decent price tag below $1200. The third position goes to Spindle compared to the benefits and price tag.

Support Core

Depending on the mattress variant, All-Latex, Spindle, Latex for Less, PlushBeds Botanical, PlushBeds Natural, and Naturepedic EOS all have dense Dunlop latex and polyurethane foam. However, the base layer for all of them does a decent job of offering support. 

Trial & Warranty

Nest Bedding Finch: Nest Bedding Finch latex mattresses come with a unique trial period of 365 nights and a lifetime warranty.

Nest Bedding All-Latex: All-Latex mattresses have a 100-night trial and a lifetime warranty. However, you can exchange your mattress during the trial period for $100.

Spindle-Spindle comes with a 365-night trial and a 10-year warranty on the mattress. It also has a 20-year Comfort Life plan.

Naturepedic EOS Trilux-EOS Trilux mattress has a 90-night trial and a 20-year limited warranty. 

Nolah natural mattress: The Nolah natural mattress comes with a 120-night trial period and a lifetime warranty.

Happsy Organic Mattress: Happsy Organic has a 120-night trial and a 20-year warranty. 

GhostBed Natural: GhostBed Natural comes with a 101-night trial and a 25-year warranty. 

Winner: Most mattresses come with an extended warranty period, and you may consider which one will work best for you. However, Spindle & Finch has the most prolonged trial period of 365 nights, whereas come with GhostBed Natural the most extended 25-year warranty. 

Although Finch and All-Latex have a lifetime warranty, users may have to shed extra bucks for replacement within the trial period. 

Motion Isolation & Pressure-Relief

Carefully reviewing the factors, we have concluded that Nest Bedding and Spindle are on the firmer side. At the same time, Nolah Natural and Ghostbed Natural can give you both firmness and softness simultaneously. It is due to their combination of Talalay and Dunlop latex in the mattresses. 

Talalay and Dunlop latex combination help achieve better pressure relief, while the Dunlop latex of Nest Bedding and Spindle may only assist back and stomach sleepers. 

One disadvantage of the Nest Bedding All-Latex mattress is the extensive 170 lb. weight that may not be good for users. 


Winner- It is evident that Latex for Less is the absolute winner in saving your pockets budget-wise. However, PlushBeds Natural and Finch are also within an economical price periphery. The Nest Bedding All Latex Mattress is the costliest, which may not be ideal for budget shoppers. 

The Top 3 Latex Mattresses:

After carefully scrutinizing the organic latex mattress variants above, we have concluded the top 3 mattresses for you. 

The Best Latex Mattress-Latex for Less Mattress

The price tag is highly affordable, and you can enjoy Talalay and Dunlop latex benefits. Moreover, various firmness options are available. 

Best Organic Latex Mattress-PlushBeds Natural Bliss 

The mattress is affordable, and you get both Talalay latex and Dunlop latex comfort and support layers. Multiple firmness options are available. Although Botanical Bliss is a better mattress, Natural Bliss scores on price.

Best Dunlop Latex Mattress-Nest Bedding Finch Latex Mattress 

Although this mattress doesn’t come with Talalay latex, the Dunlop latex used here is firm and long-lasting. Moreover, the woolen batting and cotton cover makes this mattress feel cozy and plush. Budget-wise, this is another excellent save. 

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