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A memory hybrid mattress is a type of mattress that is made with three or more different materials. These materials, and the way they are put together, provide support and comfort for you. The first material is usually the cushion or pillow top, made of high-grade cotton and fire retardent wool.

The second material is usually memory foam or PU foam and is responsible for providing you with the comfort you need and giving pressure point relief.

The third material is usually individually wrapped steel coils or pocket coils. It gives the required bounce and makes the mattress more breathable to resist temperature changes and be used in all seasons. These three materials come together to make the hybrid mattress. 

Various types of mattresses use additional layers to make the mattress comfortable and long-lasting. In addition, they usually try to manufacture a mattress to the liking of the maximum types of sleepers keeping their personal preferences in mind. Based on their body weight, body shape, heavier sleepers, light sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, side sleepers, combination sleepers, etc. After all, that makes business sense, right? But that isn’t an easy task.

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

Along with the innerspring, a hybrid mattress has various layers of foam above and below the inner springs. These foam layers can be PU foam, Memory foam, or Latex. Sleepers can enjoy the pressure relief of a foam comfort layer and the support of a traditional innerspring mattress.

For example, there can be a Latex Hybrid mattress with Latex layers and individually pocketed inner springs.

There are various other combinations of foam layers which are also called hybrid models.

Best Memory Hybrid Mattress

Saatva Classic Mattress Saatva Classic MattressQueen 72*60*11.5/14.5“/ 180-Night Sleep Trial/ 15 Years Limited Warranty/ Free White Glove Delivery/ 3 Options -Soft, Medium Firm & FirmPrice
JQ964GBcJNvn5nS6qv7TOE86x49b1r8zkE3fRkwWhRwYsZI1hwKf5Tzz1aTN25PCrI6u45Sr4gLBjTtzdBf9QnMZPohruQA2vS le09npkpYIKXygbuJT GPiUD7Meh7Rmc7fS61=s0Hybrid Mattress” style=”width: 150px;”>Casper WaveHybridQueen 80*60*13“/ 100-Night Sleep Trial/ 10 Years Limited Warranty/
Free Shipping/ 2 Options-Wave Hybrid & Hybrid Cool
Purple Hybrid MattressPurple Hybrid MattressQueen 80*60*10“/ 100-Night Sleep Trial/ 10 Year Limited Warranty/ Free Shipping & Returns/ 3 Options-Hybrid 11“& Hybrid Premier 12“ & 13”Price
The Dreamcloud MattressThe Dreamcloud MattressQueen 80*60*14“/ 365-day Sleep trial/ Lifetime Warranty/ It offers white glove delivery for $149. It has good edge support and is medium-firm.Price
Layla Hybrid MattressLayla Hybrid MattressQueen 80*60*10“/ 120-Night Trial Period/ 10 Years Warranty/ Removable Zipper Cover/ Flippable mattress with two firmness options.Price
Allswell Hybrid MattressAllswell Hybrid MattressQueen 80*60*12“/ 100-Night Sleep Trial/ 10 Years Limited Warranty. A Walmart Product/ 3 Options-Allswell, Luxe & SupremePrice
Leesa Hybrid Mattress Leesa Hybrid Mattress Queen 80*60*11“/ 100-Night Sleep Trial/ 10 Years warranty. It is a B-CorporationPrice
Nolah Evolution 15 MattressNolah Evolution 15 MattressQueen 80*60*15“/ 120-Night Sleep Trial/ Life Time Warranty/ The tallest of all is discussed here. 3 Options-Plush, Luxury firm & firmPrice
Sealy Performance CollectionSealy Performance CollectionQueen 80*60*14“/ 120-Night Sleep Trial/ 10 Year Limited Warranty/ It has various options. Supply through US-MattressPrice

Saatva Classic Mattress

Saatva is the most open company in terms of its products. They give so much information about their product that nothing is left to the imagination. The product Saatva classic is also the best. Right from the 3 “Euro Pillow Top. It has exceptional edge support of high-density foam rails on the perimeters so that the person sleeping doesn’t slip down.

Then there are 845 individually pocketed steel coils of 14.5 gauge for optimum bounce and motion isolation. In the middle of the mattress, active wire and high-density memory foam layers work together to provide enhanced back support and pressure relief to the lower back area. The base unit is made of 416 tampered steel coils of 13 gauge for a longer-lasting mattress.

There are three options for the mattress. Plush Soft, Luxury Firm & Firm. So there is one for every sleep position.

It is one of the very few companies offering free white glove delivery.

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

This premium mattress by Casper has been voted as the no. 1 by various agencies. The top layer is made of breathable PU foam. Underneath it is natural Latex followed by zoned memory foam.

There is a fourth layer of polyurethane foam with gel pods and then the PU foam base with encased springs. These gel pods are unique to Casper Hybrid. It has Zoned support with patented gel pod support to cradle hips. Stay cool with Airscape 3 Cooling Gel. But it is expensive.

Purple Hybrid Mattress

The interior coils and the grid structure’s built-in air channels make it easier for air to circulate. The gel infusion keeps the mattress cool. Coils respond quickly to pressure and allow the Grid to reshape as you re-adjust while switching sides.

The mattress is good at motion isolation, too, in spite of being an innerspring mattress. It also has excellent edge support with extra firm foam around the edges.

This grid structure is unique to the Purple Hybrid. The soft, cushioned Grid supports your entire body while cradling your hips and shoulders.

The Dreamcloud Mattress

Dreamcloud is a medium-firm mattress with a 6 rating out of 10. It has a Cashmere wool blended cover and high-density gel memory foam. It also has individually pocketed innerspring coils and high-density support foam to ensure motion isolation. But the motion transfer in this mattress is not as low as only foam mattresses. The coils also ensure a bouncy mattress with pressure relief. For edge support, it has a double row of higher gauge thicker coils along the perimeter.

It is suitable for most sleepers, except the underweight, who might not feel enough pressure relief. The mattress is delivered in a box to your home. There is a bit of an off-gassing odor, which goes away in a day or two.

Layla Hybrid Mattress

The most significant plus point of the Layla Hybrid Mattress is a flippable mattress with a soft four on one side and a firm 7 out of 10 on the other side, making it suitable for most individuals and any sleep style. So you can use it according to your preference on any day. Its individually pocketed coils are in the middle of the mattress, with foam on both sides.

Another big plus point is its removable zipper cover. With individually wrapped coils for motion isolation, it ensures less motion transfer. Instead of the regular gel-infused memory foam, it has copper-infused memory foam, which keeps its coolness for a longer time. Gel-infused memory foam loses its cooling property with time.

Allswell Hybrid Mattress

This Walmart brand, Allswell’s biggest plus, is its price, at which it offers a similar mattress for a lot less than other brands. In addition, it has a medium firmness, thus suitable for most individuals. Above the individually pocketed coils, it has two layers of foam and a quilted top. It has a 2″ copper-infused memory foam, so the mattress stays cool and germ-free. There is another high-density foam above the coils for proper support to minimize motion transfer. The quilted top is of Swirlfoam, a proprietary foam by Allswell which keeps the mattress cooler.

It is delivered in a box and, when opened, takes about 48 hrs to expand fully. There is a foul odor during off-gassing for some time, which goes off by itself in 24 to 48 hrs. The mattress is suitable for most individuals, being of medium firmness. But overweight stomach sleepers might not find it comfortable as their hips will sink in. Similarly, underweight side sleepers will also not get enough pressure relief.

Leesa Hybrid Mattress 

It has a soft twill fabric as a top layer followed by a perforated layer of foam beneath. The holes allow hot air to move away from the body, which helps regulate temperature while sleeping. In addition, a layer of memory foam engulfs the body and relieves it of pressure and joint pain.

It has a pocketed spring base to limit motion transfer. In addition, it provides edge support to the mattress’s perimeter with re-inforced pocketed innerspring on the edges. It is a good choice for most sleepers with a medium firmness rating, but maybe too firm for some side sleepers.

Nolah Evolution 15 Mattress

In Nolah Evolution, again, you get three firmness levels. Lush, Luxury firm & Firm feel with the firmness of 5, 6 & 8 on a scale of 10. All firmnesses have a two-inch pillow-top Euro-top cover to give a luxury feel. Made of fiber, it also helps the body stay cool. Below it is a 2-inch memory foam called AirFoamICE Polyfoam, which also keeps the body cool.

Then there is a 2-inch layer of high resilience polyfoam above the 8 “coils. This setup keeps the motion transfer to a minimum. Finally, below the coils is a one-inch high-density polyfoam.

The Company gives a lifetime warranty on its product, which speaks volumes about the Company’s confidence in the product. In addition, three different firmness levels make it suitable for all body types.

Sealy Performance Collection

The Sealy Hybrid Premium comes in three firmness levels, i.e., ultra-plush, plush, and firm, so it suits all body types. Two layers of memory foam above a zoned-support coil system are there. Its exclusive Posturepedic technology supports shoulders and hips, allowing the spine to remain in proper alignment. It maintains an average body temperature as all layers are a part of the cooling system. 

Benefits of a Memory Hybrid Mattress

There are various benefits of combining materials to form a mattress instead of only a memory or innerspring mattress. Various mattress types have been developed for all kinds of sleepers and sleep positions. For example, a company may add.

  • Type of Coil-Two kinds of inner springs. Thicker on the perimeters for edge support and thinner gauge inner springs in the sleeping area.
  • Levels of Firmness – An extra PU foam for support for stomach sleepers. So for any sleeper, a mattress is there. 
  • Sleep Quality-Extra layers of memory foam for better motion isolation

So, companies can manufacture various types of mattresses for individual comfort and support.

That is why it is said that a hybrid mattress is a perfect blend of comfort and support that will leave you stress-free and revitalized each morning. 

They have

  • A layer of pocket coils of Steel or Tungsten Carbide gives the bouncy feeling. They come in various gauges for a more bouncy feeling or more supportive than body type. Pocket springs are more bouncy than an all-foam mattress.
  • Each spring in the coil layer is individually pocketed to decrease partner motion transfer.
  • Couple-friendly as the sleeping partners don’t tend to roll towards the bed’s center due to individually pocketed springs and memory foam. (Should these be called couple-friendly?)
  • The traditional memory foam beds used to run hot due to body heat. But now, there is temperature control with gel foam. The gel-infused foam with graphite, copper or charcoal infused in them make the mattress cool for hot sleepers.
  • Memory Foam comfort is such that it molds to the body in response to pressure and comes back to its original shape on removing the same. It makes the mattress very comfortable. Still, you do not get the feeling of sinking in as the coil support is there. 
  • Due to individually pocketed coils, they have edge support, especially if the perimeters are of a thicker gauge. In contrast, those in the central sleeping area are thinner coils. Edge support is missing in memory mattresses.
  • Compared to standard spring mattresses, they are more body contouring, hypoallergenic, orthopedic, and quiet. 
  • They are suitable for overweight sleepers, too, as they do not tend to sink into the mattress if the inner springs are of the proper gauge, making it a firmer mattress.
  • Due to the steel springs inside, these mattresses are generally heavier than other mattresses.
  • Due to the wide range, additional features, and affordable price, these have become a preferred choice for the masses.

Please check the warranty thoroughly while buying any mattress. The warranty policy differs a lot in the mattress industry. It varies from one to a 15-year warranty or even a lifetime in some instances. A 10-year warranty might be a pro-rata warranty wherein after the initial one year.

The customer gets a refund equal to the balance of the warranty years with some additional cost associated with it for packing or transportation. Any extra cost must be very clearly understood at the time of buying. The mattress should be cleaned and maintained as per company guidelines.

The customer is also offered 100-night sleep trials to as many as 365 nights. Trial periods are also associated with extra costs sometimes. 

Hybrid Mattress vs. Memory Foam

Memory foam has a soft texture that gradually compresses when pressure is applied. On a memory foam mattress, you gradually sink in when you lie on it. The memory foam mattress contains no springs. So if you do not like that bouncy feeling on a mattress, then the memory foam mattress is for you.

Conventional memory foam mattresses didn’t have any cooling features and used to run hot with body heat. Memory foam mattresses also don’t have edge support.

Hybrid mattresses have a combination of foam. Layers of foam below and above individually pocketed steel or TC coils. A foam layer could be PU foam, Memory foam, Latex, or the company’s proprietary foam. With a hybrid mattress, you get the bounce of inner springs, the mold around memory foam, the proper support of dense polyurethane foam, or the cooling effect of a latex mattress. 

The coil count and coil gauge are significant in a hybrid mattress. A low coil count means a short life of the mattress. A higher gauge of the coils will result in more bounce and less motion isolation. A lower gauge of coils results in better support.

Hybrid Mattress vs. Gel Memory Foam-Now, the latest gel memory foam on the market, doesn’t run hot. But some people feel it does run hot after a lapse of a particular period. So instead of Gel-infused memory foam, now we also get Graphite or Copper-infused memory foam.

Nowadays, Gel, Copper, or Graphite infused memory foam is used in hybrid mattresses, too, so you get the bounce of coils and the comfort of foam with temperature neutrality.

Latex vs. Hybrid Mattress

Natural Latex is the most comfortable material for any mattress type and also the most expensive. Depending on the foam density, you get a good bounce on it if it is Talalay Latex. If it is the high-density foam which is usually Dunlop Latex, you get more support than bounce. Latex mattresses are the most durable mattresses. But a mattress with only Latex in it can be costly.

So we have Hybrid Mattresses with Latex foam above the individually pocketed innerspring coil. So you get the bounce due to the coils and also if it is Talalay Latex. Latex is very breathable and stays cool, so with coils, which have enough space in between them, there is perfect temperature regulation, and the mattress does not get hot.

The firmness options can be controlled with

  1. Either the number of coils and their density or,
  2. The density of Latex.

Best Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers

For the side sleeper, the best mattress is the one at the midpoint of the firmness scale. So a mattress between 4 to 6 will be good for a normal-weight person. For an obese person, a six or seven will be better, and for an underweight person, a 3-4 will be better.

A side sleeper should always buy a mattress one no. below what is suitable for him in other sleeping positions, i.e., as a back or stomach sleeper. That is to give extra pressure relief to the shoulders and hips.

The idea is to keep the spine aligned while sleeping. 

A hybrid mattress with gel-infused memory foam will be a good combination as it will engulf the shoulders and hips properly and keep the body cool. A combination with Latex will also give good pressure relief to the shoulders and hip. Depending on the weight, you will have to decide between Talalay or Dunlop. But it will be expensive.


It isn’t easy to choose one from such high-quality mattresses. However, each of them has a plus point not matched by any other.

But choosing any one of these, my choice is Saatva Classic Mattress. One reason is that it has a double layer of coils and then their white glove delivery. Second, I don’t want any hassles in life buying a mattress. The third is their strong edge support.

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