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Are you looking for an upgrade to your master bedroom with a big and luxurious mattress? Well, then you might very well consider getting a king-size bed. This bed can offer you a huge space, even if you want to share it with a partner. You might be wondering about its width and whether it is too big for a single person. Let me take you through its details:

Dimensions of a King-Size Bed

Size is the best feature of the king bed. The additional space can make singles feel regal when they stretch out, while it can be a blessing for couples. So how big is the king bed? Let us take a look

A standard king frame is 2140 mm in length, 1900 mm in width, and 1190 mm in height. The size of the bed is not the same as the size of the mattress. The frame dimensions will vary depending upon the design, but a bed frame will be larger than the mattress.

King Bed Mattress Dimensions

A king-size mattress is 80 inches long and 76 inches wide. A queen-size mattress is the same length as that of a king-size mattress, but it is 30 cm narrower. Despite the construction and style of the mattress, the king bed size is the same for all types of mattresses, whether they are spring, hybrid, or foam mattresses.

What should be the room size for King-Size Bed?

Since a king-size bed occupies plenty of space, you will need to create enough space on both sides of the bed to move around. You can leave at least 75 cm around the bed, which means that your room’s minimum size should be around 330 cm x 250 cm.

How many people can sleep on a king-size bed?

A king-size bed can accommodate two adults comfortably, along with a child or a pet. All of these can comfortably sleep on a king-size bed without any cramps.

Advantages of a king-size bed

  • Free body movement- The king bed helps your body to be in an open and relaxed position. You can extend and stretch your body as you wish. Besides, you do not need to worry about your sleeping positions with this bed.
  • Boosts blood flow- The king bed prevents awkward positions that block blood flow. It opens and relaxes your body.
  • No pressure- Your back and shoulders have important pressure points that, if not supported, cause cramps, pain, and discomfort. The king bed helps to free these pressure points and reduces strain.
  • Motion Isolation: The king bed offers good motion isolation. So, if your partner tosses and turns during sleep, then this bed will not disturb your sleep.

Disadvantages Of King-Size Bed

  • Requires a big room- As this bed has a large dimension, it needs an equally large accommodation. So, a king-size bed will not be functional for a standard room.
  • Difficult to move- The king-size bed is big and bulky, which makes it difficult to move without any helping hands.
  • Expensive than usual- Owing to its build and size. This bed is more expensive than the usual twin or queen mattress. So, if your budget is tight then this bed may not be your best choice.
  • Not easy to find accessories- As compared to the queen-size bed, there are limited options regarding finding accessories for the king-size bed.

Types of King-sized mattresses

  1. Regular king mattress: This is the most popular type of king bed. Its size is 76*80 inches. The regular king mattress has all sizes plus more accessories to choose from, including comforters, sheets, and duvets.
  2. California king mattress: This mattress has a longer length than a standard king mattress.
  3. Texas king mattress: This mattress is known as the 2nd largest oversized mattress, having a width of 80 inches and a length of 98 inches. It gives a lot of space to stretch out.
  4. Wyoming king mattress: This mattress is wider than the California king mattress. With a size of 84*84 inches, it becomes a solid choice if you are looking for additional width.
  5. Alaskan king mattress: The Alaskan king mattress is a massive mattress at 108 inches in two directions.
  1. Room size: It is important to properly measure your room before you purchase your choice of a king-sized bed. Unless it measures 12*12 feet, it is best to go for a smaller mattress as the king size will occupy the entire space. It will also mess up the utility and aesthetics of your room.
  2. Changing homes: The king-size bed may not be an ideal choice when you change homes every year as its size can disrupt its mobility. It will also be expensive.
  3. Sleeping activities: If you have a restless partner, then the king bed can be your best bet as it can give you and your partner quality sleep.

Things to check before purchasing a king-size bed

Factors to be considered while purchasing a king-size bed-

  • Warranty: Purchasing a mattress is a big investment, so it is normal to expect a long shelf life. So, ensure that your mattress is protected by a good warranty period.
  • Trial period: Check for the trial period on the mattress. This will help you ensure that it fits your needs, suits your sleeping habits, and feels good for your body.
  • Material: A trial period will help you determine the durability of the mattress.

A king-size bed is a luxury product that calls for a big budget. The presence of this bed boosts the décor of your bedroom. Apart from this, it also comes with health benefits for instance if you suffer from arthritis and joint issues, then this bed would be ideal for you as it provides you comfort and alleviates important pressure points irrespective of your sleeping position. It demands you to assess the quality, branding, and most importantly its guarantee, trial period, and warranty period. So, it becomes important to take your own time to research thoroughly and you can actually sleep king-size!

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