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When shopping for the best mattress for people weighing up to 400 pounds, you might need help finding the appropriate one. Unfortunately, finding a supportive, comfortable mattress that offers uninterrupted sleep is difficult. So how do you choose a mattress for a heavy person?

If you are in the obese category, you must be extra careful when selecting a mattress for a heavy person that can deliver the right amount of support and quality sleep. Heavy people tend to put more pressure on mattress layers, making it essential to choose with due care.

Mattress for a heavy person

We must remember the following points for choosing a mattress for a heavy person. If you are obese or your family members are heavy, you must consider a few factors before buying a mattress.

Mattress construction for heavy people

Experts say innerspring and hybrid mattresses are the best for heavy or obese people. The reason is that the coils inside these mattresses offer more support than the base foams, which you will find in almost every mattress. 


No matter how big or small you are, one of the most important things to consider when buying a mattress is how long it will last. The reason is that extra weight can easily strain and decrease the overall lifespan of the mattress. 

So, if you want a long-lasting mattress, look for models incorporating high-density foams and extra coils. These features also solve the issue of sagging. When a person lies on the mattress, indentations can form, and this issue can happen quickly, especially for a heavyweight individual. 

Mattress firmness

A heavy person must pay close attention to the mattress’s firmness. If you are heavy, you must go for the firmer mattress, which offers more support. Aside from that, you should also think about how someone sleeps when buying a mattress.

Cooling capabilities

If you feel hot on your current mattress at night, look for a mattress that offers cooling properties. Whether it is natural latex, extra airflow from coils, or gel memory foam, always choose a mattress that does not trap your body heat. 

Heavy Gauge Springs

The inner springs or the individually pocketed springs should be of a heavier gauge and more in numbers. The higher gauge springs lesser in numbers will not be able to support the individual properly.

ILD or Indentation Load Deflection

Indentation Load Deflection is known to measure the firmness of a mattress. It figures out how much force is needed to squeeze a sample of foam by a certain amount. So, if you’re a heavy person looking for the best mattress, choose one with a high ILD rating, as it will support you the best. 

Apart from that, this feature also prevents the mattress from sinking too deeply. 

Edge support

“Edge support” refers to how well a mattress holds a heavy person, whether sitting or lying near the edge. It is not good for a heavy person if you notice that the mattress collapses completely.

This is an essential factor to consider when buying a mattress for a heavy person. So the innerspring or the individually pocketed springs on the periphery should be a heavier gauge, or the foam there should be dense.

Warranty terms

Several mattress manufacturer brands offer a warranty of at least ten years. But as a heavy person going only with a warranty will not go as you must prioritize the durability and longevity of the mattress you choose. 

Furthermore, several mattresses for the heavy individual also deliver a warranty of 15–25 years, which indicates long-lasting support. 


Another vital factor to consider when choosing a mattress for a heavy person is height; it must be 12–14 inches thick and contain both comfort layers and supportive coils. If the mattress is taller, it will offer more support, but if it is thin, it will not accommodate a heavier person. Therefore, apart from the thickness of the mattress, one must also look for the comfort layer of the mattress.

If, by chance, the comfort layer of the mattress is thin, the heavier person may have the issue of bottoming out. So, the thicker the comfort layer, the more comfortable and relaxed the person will feel while sleeping.

The density of the mattress

In general, density is the amount of material per unit volume. This is an important aspect to consider when determining the mattress quality for a heavy person. 

If the mattress has high-density foam, it will be more supportive and durable than low-density foam. The higher-density foam benefits heavy people a lot; it can hold the weight evenly and prevent sagging, reducing pressure points while offering a comfortable sleep.

 The sleeping preferences and the sleeping partners

If you are the one who is looking for a mattress for your partner, then it is vital to consider weight along with the sleeping position. That means the decision is easy to make if your sleeping partner’s weight is close to yours and he or she sleeps in the same position.

But if the situation is the opposite, the decision will be tricky. In short, both must take the middle ground, in which each has to compromise comfort and support. 

The bottom line

Despite being heavy, you still have the right to a good night’s sleep on a comfortable mattress. But you must find a mattress that can support your weight and accommodate you for a long time. Memory mattresses are dense compared to normal polyurethane mattresses.

So, do your research before you buy any of the mattresses for heavy people that are highly durable, supportive, and made up of superior-quality material. Apart from that, choose the best option that perfectly suits your needs and budget.

Also, if you care more about the environment, the best choice is an organic mattress with coils for support. Latex is very dense, so latex mattresses are also very heavy.

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