Best Mattresses for Heavy People

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When shopping for a mattress, remember that one size does not fit all, so choose the mattress with your body weight in mind. If your body weight is 400 pounds or more, you must choose a mattress that offers extra support with proper spine alignment and prevents sinking and sagging.

5 Best Mattresses for Heavy People

Aside from that, the mattress must be made of a mix of latex, memory foam, and inner coils.

If you are looking for the best mattresses for heavy people, check the density of the foam inside, the ILD of the foam, the strength of the inner coils, the strength of the coils on the perimeter, the use of memory foam and latex, etc.

Emma CliMax Hybrid 

Specifications –

  • Product Dimensions – 60″L x 80″W x 11″H
  • Material – Hybrid
  • Weight Capacity – 500 lbs
  • Warranty – 10 years

With another person on the mattress, this becomes even more crucial for heavier people who need a firmer base than other body types. Fortunately, the Emma CliMax Hybrid provides the assistance these people need. In truth, heavy couples were considered while making this bed. These people don’t bottom out on the mattress because of the high-density foam, robust edge support, and durable pocketed coils.

The mattress is ideal for plus-sized sleepers and activities that need extra support since it can easily support heavyweights while being resilient enough to prevent you from sinking too far into the mattress. Additionally, the perimeter has been strengthened to make entering and exiting the bed simple.

The CliMax Hybrid is a climate-regulating mattress with a calm sleeping environment and a soft, moisture-wicking cover. You can always go to bed at the right temperature because Airgocell foam enables heat to escape your body.

Being soft to the touch, the Emma cover is quite comfortable to lie on. Additionally, it is removable, which makes washing it easy to do.

Nolah Evolution Hybrid 

Specifications –

  • Product Dimensions – 60″L x 80″W x 15″H
  • Material – Hybrid
  • Weight Capacity – 300 lbs
  • Warranty – Lifetime

Sleeping overheated is a problem that affects people of all sizes. This may become more of a problem if you are larger since you will sink deeper into your mattress and generate more heat from your body. This shouldn’t be an issue with the Nolah Evolution Hybrid, one of the coolest mattresses available. It has a cooling cover, foams, and airflow-promoting coils and is sturdy enough to accommodate heavy weights. Sleeping warmly on the Nolah Evolution Hybrid is not recommended.

A heat escape gusset surrounds the Euro pillow top, enabling extra heat to evaporate swiftly. To make it simple for customers to move the bed, the cover has four handles—two on each side. After all, this is a queen-size mattress over 100 pounds and 15 inches thick so those handles will be useful. Last but not least, graphite is weaved into the fibers that make up the cover’s surface to keep sleepers’ bodies cool.

However, as the cover isn’t detachable, you’ll have to use spot cleaning rather than machine washing if it becomes dirty. This is not a huge thing, by the way. Most bed coverings, even those supposedly removable, are like this. All you need is some water and a gentle detergent.

Puffy Lux Hybrid 

Specifications –

  • Product Dimensions – 60″L x 80″W x 12″H
  • Material – Hybrid
  • Weight Capacity – 300 lbs
  • Warranty – Lifetime

The memory foam and springs are used to make the Puffy Lux Hybrid. This mattress receives 6.5 out of 10 for firmness, considered medium-firm. Despite having springs, the mattress has a soft feel from the foam layer, which helps back sleepers by providing superb body contouring. Due to its pressure-relieving qualities, this is a perfect choice for couples, heavy back sleepers, and even side sleepers.

With an additional layer of pocketed coils and contouring foam, the Puffy Lux Hybrid provides all the cooling comfort and support of the Puffy Mattress. The 1.5″ layer of Plush Dual Cloud Foam, created and produced in the USA to hug the body’s natural contours for ultimate comfort, provides the best pressure relief.

You may experience luxury cloudlike comfort built for all sleeping types with high-density foam precisely engineered to support the spine and relieve back discomfort. Also, The Puffy Lux Hybrid has good edge support, which can be important for heavier sleepers who may need to use the entire mattress surface.

Allswell The Brick Mattress

Specifications –

  • Product Dimensions – 60″ W x 79.5″ L x 10” H
  • Material – Hybrid
  • Weight Capacity – 600 lbs
  • Warranty – 10-Year

The firmest mattress the company offers is the Brick, an excellent choice for larger people. Compared to Allswell’s previous mattresses, it contains individually wrapped coils to minimize motion transmission, a layer of high-density foam, and a more robust top layer to provide optimum support.

The mattress also features a layer of memory foam with copper, which is said to keep you cool and preserve freshness. The Brick received high marks from customers for comfort and support. The brand’s mattresses don’t have the finest edge support, so they may eventually droop while you’re sitting on the edge.

Two layers of memory foam, a layer of individually wrapped coils, and a quilted top layer make up The Brick’s four layers. A one-inch copper gel-infused memory foam top with cooling properties makes up the top. Two inches of high-density foam make up the second layer, which adds further support. The top is a quilted panel with Allswell’s signature A, and the third layer’s coils are individually wrapped.

GhostBed Classic 11-inch Cool Gel Memory Foam

Specifications –

  • Product Dimensions -80″L x 60″W x 11“H
  • Material – Gel Memory Foam & Latex
  • Weight Capacity – 400 Pounds
  • Warranty – 10 Years

The GhostBed Classic is last but not least among mattresses for heavy people. Mattresses become hard, making sleeping difficult for heavy people. That’s why mattresses are made with a mixture of a luxury aerated latex foam layer and gel memory foam to offer comfortable sleep throughout the night.

These two things quickly remove heat from the bed and keep it cool all night. However, if you talk about the firmness of the mattress, then it is 5, which is the perfect amount of firmness offered to all weights of people. Moreover, the plush cover is a highly stretchy, durable blend of viscose and polyester that provides a cozy feel.

Furthermore, it perfectly meets the CertiPUR-US standards, which is undoubtedly one of the best criteria to keep the mattress at the top. 

The bottom line

For people who weigh over 400 pounds, the above mattresses will help them get sound sleep with proper alignment. They can easily support the heavy weight of the person and give them the best support and comfort while they sleep. 

So, before you buy any mattress for heavy people, choose the mattress with due care; otherwise, you will surely complain about various issues related to pain in the body. 

Choose the best option right away to make your life easier. 

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