Memory foam is famous for its motion isolation, but it sleeps hot. It sleeps heated because it retains body heat.

Gel Memory Foam

Thermal gel is cool to the touch and inserted into the foam. Phase-Changing Gel is put on the foam and melts when heated. Both gels wick away heat

Two Varieties

2.5" copper-infused memory foam flippable hybrid mattress Because it's hybrid, it's better ventilated, keeping you cool.

Layla Hybrid Mattress – Copper Gel Infused

Due to its improved comfort, support, and sustainability, the all-foam iComfortECO offers a better night's sleep while being less destructive to the environment.

Serta iComfortECO™ Foam Mattre

The fabric is made of organic cotton or copper-ion infused bamboo. Warmth is naturally diffused by 2 inch graphite-infused memory foam.

Amore Hybrid Mattress - Graphite Infused Memory Foam

Cocoons' Cooling Mattress Cover features Sealy's Phase Changing Material which absorbs and disperses heat which keeps the mattress cold.

Cocoon by Sealy - With Phase Change Material

It has a 1" layer of 4 PCF memory foam layered on it. It conforms to the body and releases pressure softly while gel infusion wick away heat.

Nest Bedding - Phase Change Cover

The luxury Beautyrest Black Premier L Class mattress is built to offer outstanding comfort and support.

Beautyrest Black Premier L Class

The HTCTM Euro topping and ArcticTexTM Cover keep you cool. Its 2" thickness wicks heat away faster.

Nolah Evolution Hybrid - Multiple Technologies

Almost all manufacturers provide risk-free sleep trials lasting 90-365 days, with a full refund if not satisfied. But please read the instructions.


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