Happsy Latex hybrid Mattress

The Happsy Latex Hybrid Mattress, with its novel technology and creative use of natural materials, delivers on its promise of a better night's sleep.

Happsy Design

Its natural design is better for the environment.  It also happens to be a mattress with a conscience, meant to have a beneficial environmental impact.

Organic Latex

Happsy is made of pure organic latex and is a natural alternative to petrochemical foams for that sought-after sense of floating pressure point alleviation.


The Happsy is a 10 inch thick, medium-firm hybrid mattress with a medium profile. Ventilated latex is used for the 2-inch comfort layer.

Price and Sizing

The Happsy is reasonably priced.  Topper is optional. Price of the topper is additional depending on the size.

Motion Isolation

Although Happsy provides sound motion isolation, some movement may still be transferred over the mattress. Latex conforms to the body and provides some cushioning.

Pressure Relief

The latex comfort layer moulds the body, and you won't feel like you're in a deep cradle. Some sleepers want less sinkage, while others require more conformity to feel less pressure.

Temperature Control

The Happsy's organic latex allows for a very cool night's sleep. If you sleep hot on mattresses that retains and traps body heat, the Happsy will undoubtedly feel better.

Edge Support

Happsy provides good edge support because of its 8-inch tempered steel coils around the perimeter.

Ease of Movement

As some mattress' surfaces are soft and prone to severe sinkage, you may feel imprisoned in the comfort layer but not Happsy.

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Customer Review

An environmentally friendly option This 100% organic mattress combines a healthy design with a commitment to quality.

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