The first of the Emma Original's four layers is a comfort layer comprised of memory foam. A comfortable, airy, and affordable foam mattress.

Emma Original Mattre


Emma Original Mattress Advantages

- This mattress is perfect if you like to sleep on your side - It works best for lighter or medium-weight individuals

Emma Original Mattress Disadvantages

- Sides handles can easily tear. - For those who prefer a firm mattress, this is not the greatest option.


The durability of the Emma Original Mattress

Given its quality construction, the Emma Original Mattress ought to survive for many years. You can test it out for 365 nights.


Emma Original Mattress in a Box

The cardboard box that holds the Emma Original mattresses is stylish and practical for moving about.


Should you buy it or not?

The brand also creates a range of bedding products, including pillows and duvets, to further enhance your sleeping experience.


Emma Original Mattress firm topper

It's not always easy to rate the stiffness of mattress toppers precisely. This is because the mattress it is placed on has a significant impact.



The hardness and edge stability that heavier people might need to have a good night's sleep are not present in the soft layers of the Emma.


A plush mattress is soft; as you go off to sleep, it gently encircles your body. For the majority of bed types, a plush texture is offered.