Types of  Emma Mattress

This foam mattress is basically composed of 3 layers, but the company has brought along an interesting innovation to give it a distinctive feel.

Types of Emma Mattresses

1. Emma Original Mattress 2. Emma ComfortAdapt™ Hybrid Mattress 3. Emma ComfortAdapt™ All-Foam

3 Layers of Emma Mattress

The Emma Original mattress is made of 3 layers- -Airgocell foam layer -Memory foam layer -HRX foam layer

Size and cost

This mattress is affordable compared to other mattresses on the market today. The price also depends on the size that you choose to order.

The Emma Comfort Adapt Hybrid Mattress is a high-quality mattress. It is basically an upgraded model of the formerly Emma original mattress.

The Emma Original mattress is made with a proprietary, zoned foam support. Its soft construction offers great comfort and contouring, especially for people suffering from shoulder pain.

Emma ComfortAdapt™ All-Foam is the cosiest and most comfortable mattress is specifically crafted to improve your mood. Be kind to your bedtime routine and your morning routine.


Emma mattresses are very comfortable and offer great value as well. Their high quality and affordable price are enough of a reason for you to consider these mattresses.