What is a custom-made mattress?

It is a personalised mattress made just for you. Manufacturers will assist you meet your needs and customise your mattress according to the needs

Comparison: standard and custom mattress

Unlike store-bought or online mattresses, which can be the same for 20 or 200 different people, a customized mattress can be different for every family member.

Customise to fit the body size

Your bespoke mattress may be designed to fit your size and weight. In order to conserve floor space, your bed and mattress might be shorter.

"Perfect Fit" for your place

Sometimes you have to furnish an awkwardly shaped room or a small space. Think of a round mattress maybe.

Perfect for fitting in an RV

Travel should not disrupt sleep. Ideal for camping, RVing, or just resting. Custom mattresses for your RV, boat, travel trailer, or camper.

Provides great sleep

A mattress made just for you can boost your mental and physical health. The mind-body link is not new. Beds made for you boost sleep and mental health

Pain-free Sleeping

Sleep helps your body recover from the day. A bad mattress causes morning soreness. Good mattress contact will help you lose weight.

Just the right amount of comfort

We go to bed tired. However, your mattress may create more discomfort than it soothes. A made-to-measure mattress can help ease back discomfort.

Suitable for your partner and you

Your mate may need a firm mattress for medical or personal reasons. You can mix and match the hardness and style of your zip-and-link bed. No need of separating beds.

Tailored to your sleeping pattern

With a personalised mattress, you may have mattresses that best fit your body. Any sleeper can tailor their mattress to match their needs.

You can modify it anytime

The thickness of your mattress should be adjusted if you're expecting or have arthritis. New mattress support may be required for shifting sleep postures.

Perfect for custom beds

Investments on emotional, physical, and mental health are wise. Final point: A mattress should be comfortable and also support you and aid in sleep.

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