Memory Foam vs Hybrid

When selecting a mattress, consider comfort, support, breathability, and durability. Beyond the basics, you'll need to decide on a mattress type.

Coir mattress

The coir mattress is a popular mattress style globally. They are constructed of 100% natural coconut fibres that are chemical-free. So coir beds are firmer and better for your back.

Spring mattress

The metal springs inside the bed bounce. They give your back good support. Some people may not like the mattress' motion transfer, but the back support it provides is incredible.

Hybrid mattress

Innersprings and memory foam are combined in hybrid mattresses. As a result, users can enjoy tremendous body support and a typical spring experience.

Do hybrid mattresses sag?

Hybrid mattresses are popular because they blend multiple layers into one.The pressure from your body causes the mattress to become too soft, causing increasing sinking.

Price:Spring or Memory foam 

Its price is determined by the materials used in its production. However, spring mattresses cost less than memory foam mattresses.


Memory foam mattresses are more durable than spring mattresses since they do not include coils. So the memory foam mattress doesn't sag! It also doesn't sting after prolonged use.

Pain reducing

It minimises discomfort by adapting to your body and aligning your spine's natural curve. It also helps back and joint pain. The springs and coils of spring beds can cause pain.

Temperature regulation

Night sweats are caused by memory foam mattresses.The cooling effect must be incorporated. In reality, coils help spring beds regulate temperature and ventilate.

Do memory foam mattresses sag?

Long-term use causes the mattress's sides to sink. A good memory foam mattress lasts longer. The body weight reaches the compressible level of a memory foam mattress.


Overall, the ideal mattress depends on the consumer's needs, whether it's a hybrid or memory foam mattress.